Tuesday, June 3, 2008

San Diego Day 4

Coronado Bridge
This is the ship they filmed Master and Commander on and in. 
A shot of my Beautiful San Diego from our boat!!!

Day 4- This was a special day for me.  I have not gotten to see my Nana since we got married 5 years ago.  Grandpa and Nana surprised Justin and I with a ferry ride in the San Diego harbour. Anytime we have been to San Diego we don't often get to down town.  I really want to change that, because I was reminded just how much I love it there.  I also love boats, so it was a perfect combination of things.  It was just a very relaxing wonderful day on the water.  After that they treated us to a scrumptious lunch at Anthony's on the water.  The food was incredible!!  I didn't think that I liked crab cakes, but that was my very favorite thing that we ate.  Thank you Grandpa and Nana for such a wonderful day.  It was so lovely being able to spend some alone time with you.  We love you sooo much!!!!! 
  We rushed our butts home and went immediately to the rehearsal dinner, where we gorged ourselves on even more food.  I swear we each gained 10 lbs. this day alone. :-)  It was fun to hear stories about Ben and Sharley growing up and watch the videos from their bachelor party, and bridal shower.  Ben was surprised with a skydive trip, and yes, everybody was privileged to witness the Leavitt family boys "special" dance. :-) 
I want to take this time to tell everyone how awesome my sister-in-law Serene is.  She is an amazing, beautiful woman, and I am so glad that she is one of my sisters.  I love that she loves my brother, and I know she likes being a part of our family.  I just wanted you to know that I love you Serene.  

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Lisa L said...

Glad you had fun!! I love San Diego too. Too bad you left when you did because we went to Horton Plaza one day. Alycia really wanted to go to Steve & Barry's. You would have loved that place - great deals!!! We also went to the outlet in Carlsbad where the BCBG store is. I guess we can do that next time. Glad you could go with Grandpa & Nana. We got Serene to do a blog - hooray!!!!