Friday, December 5, 2008

December 1, 2008

Today Natasha and I took our little men to the Santa Fe Zoo. Santa Fe is the community college in Gainesville, and they have a zoo program there to train zoo keepers. I have actually always wanted to go, but have never been before. It was VERY cold that day, so the animals weren't very active, but we still had a great time. The best moments were the African Grey parrots who kept hitting on us, the monkey who sucked his thumb, the Llama named squirt, who almost spit on us, and the free range peacocks! I could not believe the colors on the peacocks, they are BEAUTIFUL creatures. In case anyone is wondering, Santa Fe sells peacocks, and if I was still living in Gainesville, I would totally buy one!!
Here is the monkey who sucks his thumb. Evan isn't the only one who can self sooth!
Later that day we went and got some more blood work done. Poor Evan had to fill two big viles of blood and it took a while. Thank goodness the nurse only had to stick him in one arm! I made sure to take a picture before he got tortured again. My little angel is amazing and I am so proud that he handled all of his torture sessions like a pro! I am more grateful than ever that our pediatricians in Gainesville helped us sooo much! That clinic is amazing and I feel now, more than ever before that they are the BEST ever. Thank you Healthy Steps!


Peter and Mandy said...

Oh don't want one. During their mating season which lasts a few weeks they call out to each other. It's really loud and at 6am its the last thing you want to hear. Our neighbors used to have two. One got out and was never seen again and the other they finally sold because the neighbors complained a lot. I could mimic the mating call nearly perfectly and was thinking that peacock stew sounded really good...I was thrilled to hear or not hear them when they were gone.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

oh too funny! Justin and I can sleep through pretty much anything. I wonder how we would do with a peacock? Which neighbor had one?