Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seriously the CRAZIEST thing EVER!!!

I know some people just look at blog pictures and that is fine, but seriously YOU HAVE TO READ THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't want to read the whole thing scroll down to the labeled section at the bottom.

Notice that I am starting this post at 4:49 AM!!!! It all starts about 12 noon earlier today. That is when it started snowing, and it kept snowing, and snowing, and snowing, and snowing, and snowing ... well, I think you've got the picture.

A warning had been put out to all of Southern Alberta that nobody, let alone someone who just learned to drive ON snow (not IN snow), should be driving on the roads anywhere. I was really worried, because I was supposed to be playing in a concert. I even called my Dad for a pep talk because I was so worried about it. Fortunately for me the concert was canceled because of the weather.

Justin, bless his heart, took the Honda to work so that if I needed it I could be in the 4 wheel drive, this is exactly the reason we got the Titan in the first place! So now I am home safe, where I am supposed to be and Justin is driving on the country roads in the two wheel drive. He said that the roads were terrifying, but he didn't have any issues UNTIL he got home! He got stuck trying to pull into our driveway. He calls me on the phone and I get behind the wheel, with him pushing from behind and it takes us about 20 min. just to get the car moving and in the garage.

So maybe you think that is the crazy part .... but oh just wait! Justin gets in the house safe and sound, and we watch Fred Clause together (very funny and heart warming if anyone was interested).

-------------------------------CRAZY -----------PART---------------NOW----------------------------------

Justin and I go to sleep and at 4:45 AM the door bell keeps ringing!!!! Then there is knocking! Justin heads down to find 6 frozen teenagers at our door begging for warmth. They come in and we get them blankets and sit them by the fireplace. Apparently they were at a party and were leaving at 3:00AM. Their car got stuck in the snow, and they called a friend to push them out. Their friend gets in the car, and when the car gets moving .... LEAVES them!!! They stand out in the cold, where it is currently -6 degrees Fahrenheit, but feels like -29 with the wind (I am NOT lying!). Some of them were not wearing very much clothing because they didn't anticipate being outside for almost 2 hours!!!

They are in our house trying to get hold of anyone, meanwhile Justin is outside shoveling the driveway so he can get our cars out. They get a hold of their lame friend who comes back to take them to their car. (If he had just called them they could have walked to their car, rather than be sitting outside, not knowing where it was). He came to pick them up in his truck, but I was still worried about them, so I gave them our phone number and told them to call us if they needed anything else.

Sure enough they called about 10 minutes later and they are down the road sitting in a dead car. Justin just left again to go help them. Talk about Random Acts of Kindness!!!

They were so sweet though, and I can't tell you how many times I heard "I'm sorry, I just feel so bad!" from them. We just kept telling them that it really was no problem, and we just can't believe they stood outside in this weather for so long! (3 AM-4:45 AM) They were seriously frozen! Poor kids!

I don't know how the story ends yet, but I will update if there is anything else that happens.

This is the snow drift in front of our door. I took this picture when Justin got home from work. That wreath that we have hanging on our door, didn't used to have snow on it. That is from the storm.

Of course I took a picture of Justin stuck in the snow before I helped him! :-)


motherofangels said...

That is crazy!!! I wasn't sure we were going to get barry's car in our driveway either last night. He kept getting stuck on regular streets! You guys are so sweet to let those kids in!! Wish I was there... sounds fuin!

Lisa L said...

That is a crazy story! Good thing you heard the doorbell and knocking. I do not miss the days of shoveling, terrible road conditions, COLD, etc. I'm like Dad and don't want to go back.

Lowdogg said...

Good story. I was not disappointed.

Of all the doors for them to knock on, they picked the right one.

Peter and Mandy said...

Gosh I'm getting cold just thinking about all that snow. Is it warm in the summer time? When is the best time to visit? Glad you were able to help those people out.

Lynn said...

Welcome to Canada and your first real? snow blizzard. : D

I am SO glad and I bet those teenagers and their parents were glad that you and justin were available Samaritans.

That's what makes this city awesome! So many kind and random acts of service. I love this weather ONY for that reason. It's seems to bring all the good out in the world.

Thanks for sharing! Awesome story.

Now I am off to go finish some Christmas and birthday shopping. Wish me luck. We don't own any snow shoes OR a 4 wheel drive. Ha HA.

Amanda Palmer said...

We went to a Christmas party last night a few people got stuck there as well. Karalee also got stuck right in front of our house and she had to get help as well. This weather is crazy and the worst I have experienced in the 4 short years I have lived here. I am so crazy that today I looked up the weather in Carlsbad and cried:) I could be on the beach had we moved to my home town and not Jared's:)

Christy said...

That is so great you were able to help those kids... You guys have amazing hearts and I'm sure that they went to YOUR door for a reason. What a great (and random) opportunity to serve!

Teresa said...

Crazy...I agree. I was thinking that I was crazy for living in Chicago when I spent 15 minutes scraping last night's ice storm off my windshield so I could go to work. Eventually Cameron had to come outside (in pajamas) to help the completely frozen solid car doors. Our Husbands... I love their sweet sacrifices to accomodate their warm weather wives. Stay Strong (and warm :).

Shelley said...

Kira!! I'm totally stalking you. This is your long lost roommate from The Colony, Shelley. Hopefully you remember me. Just wanted to say HI! Crazy story!!! Those poor kids. Who was that "friend" of theirs that just left them out in the cold and snow? Who does that??! Anyway, hope you are well!