Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evan's sleep study

Well, I haven't posted because I have been waiting on pictures from Justin's phone. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to ask him to download them, and I am tired of waiting to post. I will post the pictures later.

Wednesday Evan had a sleep study at the hospital. I am a pretty healthy person and I had never spent the night in the hospital before. It was a rough night for me. Let me start by saying that Evan usually goes to bed at 8:00pm and wakes up around 8:00am. They started hooking him up to the wires at 8:30pm and weren't finished until 9:30pm. At first Evan thought that all of the wires being stuck to him were pretty darn cool. He was laughing and talking and giggling. Unfortunately you take an over tired 21month old, have him sit still for an hour, and tell him not to play with the hundreds of wires around him and he becomes the green monster.

When the guy finished putting the wires on him and Evan was aloud to go to sleep he fell asleep almost instantly! Neither one of us had a great night of sleep, but I hardly slept at all! The sleep technician had to come in periodically to adjust a wire on Evan, or add another, etc. Everytime he came in my "mommy alarms" were going off, and I was wide awake making sure my baby was alright.

The worst part of the night was when he came in and tried to put the CPAP machine on him. The technician warned me before hand that babies often won't wear them, but he still had to try. He started to put the machine on Evan's nose and Evan started screaming bloody murder, and proceeded to rip it off. The technician put it on again so Evan couldn't take it off, and Evan screamed hysterically for the next 45 minutes or so. The problem was that Evan would start to calm down and suck his thumb, but when he sucks his thumb he hooks a finger on his nose. Obviously there was no place to hook the finger with the CPAP hooked up. It was so sad, but when they took the machine off he went right back to sleep.

Not too long after that they kicked us out at 6:00am!!!! Yuck!!!!! Needless to say, the two of us were really tired the next day! Poor Evan even fell asleep sitting up later that afternoon!

Utah Day4:
We woke up and went to the University of Utah with Alex! The whole family got to do a tour of campus. Evan did such a good job and was really calm and good the whole day ... and it was a LONG day! The best part about this day ... it was warm!!!

At one point Evan fell asleep holding onto his cookie and balloon.

Alex and Sarah chilaxing on the tour.


Melanie said...

Sleep study for a little one---umm not fun. D Ray has done one and he himself didn't exactly enjoy the process.... And I didn't have to go with him and endure the process as well. Thank goodness that is over!

Michelle said...

Sleep studies are hard! We went through that with Parker, but he was six (and Ryan had the honor of staying overnight). Evan is such a good boy!

Lacy said...

I love the picture of Evan with the sunglasses on! We get to see you guys so soon!!!

Peter and Mandy said...

Yeah that doesn't sound fun at all! And all those wires that he wasn't able to play with. That's like wearing glasses while holding a baby who clearly wants to get the glasses.