Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun in Lethbridge

First I want to congratulate my sister, Alycia, on running her first 1/2 marathon!!!!!!!! See I told you it was fun!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we spent the day down in Lethbridge with my cousin Kari and Barrett. It was a really nice day trip, especially since the weather is starting to turn. It is truly amazing to me how quickly it becomes winter here and how quickly it is spring. One day it is below freezing and the next day it is in the 50's. (I know that still sounds cold, but believe me ... it makes a HUGE difference!)

I have started to prepare my garden, and I couldn't be more excited about growing my own food. I have always been interested in the living things of the earth (animals, plants) and I am hoping that I will have some success this year in my first actual garden! It has just been lovely being able to venture outside again, and Evan and Snoopy are loving it too! :-)

p.s. I was just braggin over the weekend to someone about my retro straightening iron. I know it is one of the first ones that came out, but it still works great, so why buy another one right? Well it broke two days ago. :-( This really isn't that important, except that I found a straightener today that is hot pink with zebra stripes. I knew it had to be fate that the weekend I need a knew straightner I find one that looks like this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that it was possible for a straighter to be sexy, but this one is!

Saturday April 4th

Today my parents had gotten tickets to go to the second session of the general conference of our church. Having gone to BYU for 4 years I have had the opportunity to go to conference many times. What I didn't realize until today is that my parents haven't been to conference since I was 6 years old and they had NEVER been inside the conference center. I had the best time watching them experience everything for the first time! I have always enjoyed my opportunities to attend conference, but it made me even more greatful that I have had the opportunity to attend as often as I have.

Whenever you watch spring conference on the TV the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, people are smiling! It always looks very different from the gloomy, freak blizzard that we experienced today. It was weird, but we were fortunate that we were at the front of the line and we could feel the heat from in the building when they had the doors open.

Conference was a wonderfully spiritual and uplifting experience as always! I loving hearing the prophet and apostles speak. Two of the talks were especially touching to me. They spoke of the experiences of losing their children. I was a basket case!

After conference the boys stood in the stand by line to get into the Priesthood session and the girls met up with Trevors mom and sister. (Trevor is Alycia's significant other) We went shopping and met back up with the guys to go to dinner at a place called Buca di Beppo. It was a really neat place and we sat in the Pope room! The pope even watched us while we ate. My brother Alex decided to lie to our poor waitor and told him that it was my birthday. Apparently everyone at the table knew that it was my birthday except for me! Since it was my birthday I made everyone sing to me, and in return I shared my cake. I love birthdays ... thanks Alex!!!

All in all, it was a good second day. I know I will be saying this a lot, but it was just wonderful to spend time with my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to play the tourist and take a picture after the session was over.

Our whole family (minus a couple brothers) in front of the conference center. (Please forgive my outer wear! I know that my coat looks terrible with my outfit, but when you travel you can only bring so many coats ... shoes are more important to me.)

My sisters and I posing in front of the fountain that Justin proposed to me in front of. (Oh the memories!)

At dinner with the Pope! (do you see him in the middle?)

Me and my Birthday cake ... yumm!


Lynn said...

LOL! Happy Birthday. ; )

Lisa L said...

I still can't believe he did that!! Wait....yes I can!!

Michelle said...

How funny! Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)

Peter and Mandy said...

You and your funny. It's sad how the picture shows your coat buy not your shoes...what a shame :) Your brother is funny.

Sarah said...

I LOVE Buca's!

Amanda Palmer said...

I was wondering about the whole birthday thing:) I love the video of Evan!!