Sunday, March 7, 2010

Justin's sister is in town right now and her birthday was this week. We took her and Hans to the hockey game to celebrate her birthday. It was sooo cool because it was the first game since the Olympic games. Now I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics!!! Three of the Flames players won medals. They brought out all of the medal winners in a special ceremony. Me and all of Calgary love Jerome Iginla and he had the assist to the winning goal on the Canada team (Gold Winners :-) So cool to hear the 2010 theme song, and watch the players and medals on the ice.
Canada Gold!!!

I told Justin that I was going to stop retaking pictures if he was going to purposely look stupid when we take them ... this one is the start of my threat.
Harvey the Hound

The next day we went to the Calgary Zoo with everyone visiting. Evan loves the zoo and we love going with him because he can move around independently. It was our first time visiting the re-vamped dinosaur park. The dinos actually move and roar! The first one that Evan was looking at started to roar and move and he did a bee-line in his chair and started crying. It was so sad and soo cute at the same time. I explained to him that they were robots and not real. Now he keeps talking about the dinosaur robots.
imagine these life size dinos roaring and moving!!! No wonder Evan was scared at first!
my sweet nephew who is visiting. I sure wish he liked me!

had to include this picture because if I could make my house like this indoor rain forest I would!!! Also ... I really like my coat! The weather is starting to warm up and I feel cute again. All of my cute coats are for fall/spring weather.

The other day I was in the other room grabbing clothes for my boys and I hear Evan yelling at Landon: "Landon stop that. Landon stop that!! Landon I am getting very mad!"
about 5 minutes later he says: "Landon you have played with it 4 times now. You are going on time out!!"

Today we opted to take the boys home after sacrament meeting at church. The last two days he has shown the first signs of getting sick again (high fever, difficulty breathing). Since he has a really lengthy doctors appointment tomorrow we opted to give him his normal nap rather than push him. Maybe we can kick this illness in the bud before it gets bad again (we do this by giving him lots of sleep, lots of water, and lots of bee pollen). Anyway ... when we were leaving the church Evan was crying so loudly "I want to go to nursery!!" At least he has his priorities straight :-)

Because he hasn't been feeling 100% I asked him tonight how he was feeling. He looks up at me with a smile and he says: "I feel really better"

these two pics display the only problem of having too much time with Mama. Evan always wants to wear my makeup, and jewelry. It makes sense ... he sees me put it on everyday (ok, almost every day :-)

I love play time!!!


Landon now has 6 teeth!!

My baby is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy.

When I said before that Landon is a dream baby I really meant it! Landon is such a GOOD BABY! He is just turning into the cutest this you have ever seen! Everyone stops me and tells me how cute he is and he always returns the favor with BIG smiles, hugs and lots of cooing.

Now having said that he is a really happy baby I just can't help laugh at him when he is mad. When Landon is angry he screams a loud high pitch scream! When I put him down on the ground for any reason when he is angry he lies there face up or face down, doesn't move at all and kicks his legs like mad. My written description isn't doing justice so I will try and video it sometime.

Growing up!!!!

The weather is really starting to be very nice again. Today it was 58' and I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! I went to church without a coat on! Thank heavens I live somewhere where there is at least the hope of spring/summer ... it could be a lot worse!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Trevor gets mad when i want to retake pictures as well... but I HAVE to for the same reason. He makes silly dumb faces in all of them. I have told him the same thing, when he stops, the retaking stops! haha.
p.s. Evan is starting to look more grown up, and Landon is getting even more adorable esp. in that last picture.

Fred ... said...

I want to play in a pool full of rice. That sounds like a lot of fun. I can't believe how much Landon has grown even since Christmas.

Lisa L said...

Both the boys are getting so big and they are both cute! I liked the back of your coat :)

Peter and Mandy said...

That's funny...Peter usually is the one that insists he looks stupid in the picture and wants one retaken....this is even after he's purposely trying to look silly too :)

Love the playing with rice and bubbles. I think I would freak out if a life size dinosaur roared too!