Monday, March 15, 2010

A man named Dragan

Today felt great!! Despite my "female" pain I felt so good about today. I don't know if it is the warm weather today, my two hour nap, or my meeting a nice German man named Dragan ... but it was great.

I just want to give y'all an update. There are a lot of Evan stories because he is just saying the funniest things. In case you're not wanting to read a novel I have put my favorite story in bold print . :-)

We went to the vacuum store today and the owner is a large German man named Dragan (awesome name!!!) whose dog goes to work with him and he loved my boys (who wouldn't love that). Dragan kept loading up Evan with candy and even carried the new vacuum head out to the van for me.


Evans new chair is awesome!!!!!! He loves it, we love it! The dimensions are a bit different than his previous chair so he was running into a lot of stuff in the beginning, but I think he has figured it out now. My favorite thing so far is .... he loves to drive right up to me, raise his seat and give me a hug :-) His other favorite thing to do in his chair is bring me stuff off of the counter.

Evan's responses are so funny right now and I literally find myself doubled over in laughter all the time!!

We went to Home Depot the other day and Evan brought a $5 something he wanted to buy up to me. I asked him how much it was and he said: "60 bucks". Now if I ever ask him how much anything is he responds in "(outrageous number) bucks".

The other thing he says all the time is "sure". He doesn't say yes ... he says sure.

Justin got Evan a pirate ship and Evan played with it NON STOP for the first 48 hours. It has become his favorite toy! I love watching him play with it because he is now starting to make believe. He takes the different pirates and makes them interact with each other. He also makes them fall over board and then saves them with the "hook" (anchor).

we were playing outside today and Evan saw my gardening shoes. I asked him if he liked them. Evan thought about it a moment and says "um ... nope! They are yucky" me: "what if I washed them?" Evan: "no, your feet is yucky!"

We took off Evan's clothes to clean all the dirt off of him. We then sat him on the counter and he picked up the phone and says "hello ... I'm Evan. I'm naked!"

When presenting Evan with the choice between staying home and going to bed or going to the hockey game with Daddy and Grandpa Mark. Evan looks at me and says ... "Are you serious? Um ... I stay home with Grandpa." I guess he loves Grandpa, but he did go to the game and was super excited when they walked out the door.

I was putting Evan's hockey gear on today and he gives me a HUGE tight hug and says "You my best friend" and gives me a huge kiss! Talk about best day ever!!!!!!


Landon doesn't want to be put down right now ... ever. It is actually quite hysterical!

I don't know if I have mentioned this already or not, but Landon still smells like a baby!!! When he cuddles into me his baby smell oozes into me and I don't want to move. I LOVE THAT SMELL!!!

Landon has his tongue out all the time and I think it is adorable!

As I mentioned before we were enjoying the warm weather and I have now realized that Landon might be the only person in our family that burns. His poor little cheek and head are lightly sun kissed. Poor guy!

Well that is the update! I wish a happy spring to all my wonderful readers!!!!


Lisa L said...

Sweet :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I can't decide which Evan story is my favorite. Me and Trevor laughed at your feet being yucky... &being naked. love it. probably the funniest kid ever.

Fred ... said...

Don't you just love the spring? The snow melts, the earth warms up and tulips start to poke up through the ground. It just makes me feel alive. I guess if I miss anything about living in the north it would be spring.

Peter and Mandy said...

I liked the yucky feet and naked story too...too funny!