Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Big Big Day!!

What a great day yesterday was!!!

Evan and I took off to the Children's Hospital. First we met up with respiratory to finally pick up his cough assist machine. We had been telling Evan how exciting it was going to be and he was so excited to use his "coughing machine". Now I was pretty sure he would change his mind once he actually used the machine that forced air into his lungs and sucked it out again ... boy was I wrong!! He thought it was hysterical!!!!! He kept wanting to do it all day yesterday and keeps asking to do it today! The hospital also gave us an adult mask so Justin and I could try it and Evan can see that it isn't too bad. This morning Evan wanted me to try it. Let me tell you ... what a weird feeling that is!! If I keep around an adult mask I could really improve my lung capacity. It may even help my running and oboe playing :-)

From respiratory we went downstairs to the seating clinic and got our new chair!!! When we were filling out the application I fought hard for an elevating seat. After quite a bit of research they found a chair that was covered with an elevating seat! Evan was so excited about the elevating seat and kept zipping up and down the hallway superfast!! While watching him with this huge smile on his face I was the typical mom standing there crying tears of joy! The thing that makes me laugh is that of everything my silly boy was most excited about the horn :-)

This morning he spent his time going around and around the kitchen grabbing things off the counter and bringing them to me. He is so happy about his new mobility and it makes my heart smile to see him so excited!! He is still enthralled with his horn. When it was time to come upstairs he parked his chair, turned it off and said: "One minute Mama" he then turned the chair on again, honked the horn, turned off the chair and said "Ok, now we go."

As we are getting ready to leave the hospital with all of our new stuff!

Evan checking out his elevation at home

Lots of family came over last night to eat and check out Evan's new equipment. This is Auntie Kelley checking out Landon's walking skills. Check out Landon's cankles!!

Had to put this picture in because it makes me smile :-) My Dad would do this with all of us kids and it displays just how strong my handsome husband is. He is holding up a 22 lb. moose with one arm ... impressive!

I don't know how to get the videos off of my camera, but when Justin comes home from work I will download a video of Evan using his new chair :-)


Carla McDaniel said...

Kira...that is so great!!! And how cute is he with his horn. I think I'd be happy about that too.
I love him to bits!!!:)

Lisa L said...

Yay!! That is so exciting for Evan. Tell Evan that we are so happy for him and can't wait to see him and his new chair :) Looking forward to the video.

Lowdogg said...

I'm sure if we could see Justin's face we might notice a vein popping out of his forehead.

I'm excited to see Evan get around. I bet Joseph and Millie will be jealous of his wheels. Will you be able to bring it to Florida? Seems like a must.

Ang said...

This post makes me so happy and makes me love you even more!! Your boys are so precious and sweet! Evan's happiness,, excitement and new sense of discovery brings tears to my eyes and just fills my heart with love and gratitude!!

Peter and Mandy said...

Yay!!!!! The horn sounds really fun. Is it for him to ring when people are in his way?

Linz said...

Congrats on the new gear!! So exciting!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

The new chair is looking good :)
&I love how Landon is balancing on Justin's hand... reminds me of Dad!

Erin said...

So exciting! Congrats to Evan on his new stuff :)

Teresa said...

AWESOME! Congrats on the new gear. That is definitely an accomplishment. Sweet little Evan.

Fred ... said...

I love your boys.