Monday, February 7, 2011

My Angels

I can't believe that it has been so long since I have officially recorded what my boys are up to. I have been keeping a written record of some of the things that they are doing and saying, so here they are.
(p.s. I can't get my typing to uncenter ... annoying!)
Today we traced their bodies and let them decorate them. They were so proud of their little bodies. Landon was mad we didn't let him use markers (we've tried that already), Evan made himself a pirate.
- Our cleaners were finished working and Isabel gave Evan a hug goodbye. She was sweating pretty badly. When they had left Evan wiped his face and said: "Is that water on her face?"
-In school Evan is learning the letters of his name. He was laying in bed with Justin and says, pointing to our digital clock: "Dad, look at the time. It's 'E' o'clock!" (remember that the digital 3 looks like a backwards E)
-During Christmastime we talked a lot about the nativity story. When we were reviewing it one time we asked Evan if he remembered what gifts the wisemen brought baby Jesus. He said: "Gold, Frankincense, and FUR"
-Evan was giving Justin directions. He said: "Daddy we go to the mall. You turn right at the left road."
-Randomly Evan says to me: "I love you Mama. I love Daddy too, because he is silly." Evan nailed him right on!!! Daddy is silly!!! :-)
-Evan will sometimes pretend to be spiderman, but he isn't strong enough to get his fingers into the "web shooting position", so he will push his fingers down with his other hand to "get me with his webs". It really is so cute to see!
-this last Christmas Evan's favorite Christmas songs were "Jingle Bells" and "Holly Jolly Christmas"
-when asked how much something cost, Evan said "they are 11:30 bucks"
-Evan and Justin were reading a book about the body and he pointed to a picture of a sperm and asked, "Daddy, what's that?" When I asked Justin how he responded he told me that he just changed the subject.

This little boy Landon is a handful! He is constantly moving, unbelievably curious, and soo grown up! I can't believe that my little tiny baby is such a big boy.
-One of Landon's favorite things is to be with his big brother. No Joke, I think these little boys had to have been great friends before they came to this earth. Landon doesn't need as much sleep as Evan needs. He can hear Evan wake up before I can and runs so fast to his door and trys to open it. When he realizes he cannot open the door he starts banging on it and yelling, "Nenan, Nenan, Nenan." Once he is in the room and I lift him onto the bed he is on top of Evan giving the biggest hugs you have ever seen. He loves his brother!
For months and months every single animal barked like a dog, and let me tell you ... Landon sounds like a dog when he barks! Finally in the last couple of weeks he has began to recognize other animal sounds as well. He can now "meow", "roar", and "quack". So cute!!!!!
Landon LOVES to dance!!!!! Loves loves loves to Dance!!!
This week Landon started calling Justin "Dadda". Up until now we have both been "Mum"
Landon is trying to talk so much! He tries to imitate all sorts of words.
Today was our sweet Landon's first day of nursery!! Yeah, wooohooo, yippeeee!!!! Do you think we were excited? Landon had no problem going to nursery, in fact .... he didn't even look back. He loved it! He is the biggest kid in there, and definitely the MOST ACTIVE too.
p.s. Landon weighs 28 lbs. now.


motherofangels said...

They are getting so big!! and so FUNNY! :)

Lisa said...

Sooo cute!!!! I love the picture of Landon going to nursery :)

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my goodness love the little suit!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

He is adorable :) &I loved this update!

Sarah said...

I love that Evan made himself into a pirate. Love it. Your boys are growing up fast!