Saturday, February 26, 2011

You can do hard things

You Can Do Hard Things
I was talking to my friend yesterday and she told me about this quote that she found. I love it!!! We are going to get together and make signs for our homes. "You Can Do Hard Things" God has asked me go through some very hard things in my life, but you know what????
He knew I could do it.
My Heavenly Father has not asked me to do anything that I can't do. When I didn't have faith in myself I had faith in God. I know I can get through anything when I keep Him in my life.
I heard a quote by Iyanla Vanzant. She said: "Words create experiences. When you say 'I can't' you won't." Hopefully I will be able to remember this through my life, and remember that I CAN do hard things :-)
Now before you go and analyze why I am writing this post .... my life is actually going really well. This pregnancy (still weird to say that) is such a miracle and blessing that it is really causing me to reflect on how I got here. The refining moments in my life AND the miracles that have come from those moments. This is just one of my many miracles I get to experience.
Now it has been entirely too long since I said anything about my two angels soooooo:
Evan: This little boy is so smart! I love to see him work out problems in his head and then let me in on his thoughts. He is so full of love and shares it with so many people. One day after school his bus driver asked me if he could keep Evan. I, of course, said no, but smiled. I guess while Ron was unbuckling Evan, Evan grabbed his ear and said "Ron I love you". We are trying to teach Evan how to tell jokes and he doesn't really get it, which makes the experience just that much funnier.
Landon: What can I say about my bundle of energy???? This kid has got PERSONALITY!!! He will grab your face and lay a big fat kiss on you, run away kick what ever is in his path, open the cupboards throw out all of the bowls and pots, run to the dishwasher open it up, open the garbage and throw a dish away, run back around to the living room, throwing a couple of books off the shelf and ending up right back in your lap to lay another big one on you!!! What ever he feels he lets you know and our life is NEVER dull because of him. :-)
Hope y'all are well .... and thank you for all of your sweet comments about our announcement. It has been soooo much fun to continue to go through them and see how much we are loved! We really love you all, and I guess I have proof now that people actually do read my blog ;-)


Lisa said...

Awww! I love that Evan told his bus driver he loves him. Landon reminds me of Alex. Yesterday was my first time back at our ward for a couple of weeks and I had all sorts of people come up and congratulate me. Talk to me about your sign. I have an idea. Love you!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

:) loved this post! I have always loved that quote. I just ran across another one I love the other day, I am going to put it somewhere by my bed so I see it every day, it says "She thought she could, so she did." Very much along the same lines as the one you have here :)
P.S. of course people read your blog silly. Did you see that I got over 80 comments on the post I did about your little miracle? :) People love and relate to you and your family!

Jacquie said...

I am finally reading your AMAZING NEWS! I am SO happy for you! What a miracle & blessing!!!! I can't wait to find out more about your pregnancy!!

I am so glad that Evan & Landon are doing so well. It sounds like life is going very well for you! I sure miss seeing you around!