Thursday, July 7, 2011

where will you find us?

What else have we been doing since we got home? Spending time outdoors!!! We have been working in our garden, which currently resides at my friends house. When I started the garden planning I didn't know when we would be moving so my dear dear friend, Kristen, offered one of her planters. It has been a great way to try out square foot gardening and I think I might be in love!! This garden is gorgeous and, so far, pretty darn successful! My potatoes and turnips have really taken off, so I hope I have success with my carrots. They are having a hard time seeing the sun :-)

And of course we celebrated

This was an ................. interesting day!

My cousin and her family were staying with us so we spent the entire with them, which was very fun! We started out by touring a Hudderite Colony. That was very informative and enlightening, and we had a GREAT time!!! Following the colony we met some very cute llamas. We hustled our buns home to get ready for the football game. We took the C-train only to find that half of it was shut down for maintenance and you had to take a bus to downtown to catch another train. This adds a good 30 minutes onto the trip. The game was great ... other than the Stampeders lost.

(side note about the game?? One of the times I was sitting with Landon the mascot came up to us. I felt like we were meeting the Disney characters all over again! The irony is that earlier in the day he was charging the giant llamas with big teeth, but he is afraid of a fluffy dog and Mickey Mouse?? What is it with this little boy and mascots?)

After the game it was utter MAYHEM trying to get home. Getting a wheelchair through a massive crowd is painful! Once we were on the train there was a very nice, very drunk man who entertained our children for the VERY long train ride. After we finally got to the location where we caught the bus we rolled as fast as we could to get the bus.

Once on the bus we squished ourselves in surprisingly well. At that point we got stuck in traffic ... bad traffic! There were people hitting the side of the bus because they wanted to get on, but our bus driver refused because there was no room. Fortunately for us our boys could kind've see the fireworks as we sat still for45 minutes on a crammed bus.

As soon as the traffic started to move our bus driver got a little ambitious. Don't get me wrong, it was great that he was trying to get us back as quickly as he could, but at one point Evan's wheelchair goes flying into the front. Thank heavens there was nobody standing in front of it, and thank heavens Justin was holding Evan at the time.

We finally got to the other train. We get off the bus and there is a girl, in plain view, hunched over peeing buckets on a tree!! She didn't even try to hide!!!! I guess she was on our bus and really had to go while we were stopped in traffic. The amount of fluid coming out of her was pretty impressive, though I'm not sure how she managed to keep it off of her pants.

Finally we manage to squeeze onto the next train where we are surrounded by WASTED teenagers!!! They were obnoxious, rude, and loud!!!! I was happy to finally get home and get my very tired babies into bed at 12AM!!! Poor guys!


Lisa said...

gross about the girl peeing ewww!!! Kari's little Luke isn't so little anymore. He's adorable. Great family picture of you guys. The day sounded kind of crazy with all the buses, trains & traffic. Wasn't there something happening closer to your home?

Linz said...

Glad you survived the trek home and had a fun day!

Peter and Mandy said...

You sure are busy in the summer. Do you make up for all the time during the winter when all you want to do is stay bundled up?

Fred ... said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting day. Tiring but still fun.

Amanda said...

glad you guys are having a fun summer - we keep missing each other but will have to catch up soon.