Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Convention: Day 3

What do you think of my new blog layout????
Thank you Alycia!!!
You are amazing!!!!

Day three of the convention was just as wonderful as all of the other days. Evan had been looking forward to the appearance of the magical knight ever since we got the schedule. It was love at first sight!
I finally got to meet MJ Queen and Brenda!!!! When Evan was first diagnosed I wrote a post and MJ made a comment. She told me a little about herself (she has SMA) and asked if she could send him a blanket. It was a bright spot in the beginning, which felt like a nightmare. I am friends with MJ and her caretaker, Brenda, on facebook and have always felt close to her because of the emotional and physical comfort she sent our family in the form of a blanket. I am just bummed that the boys were napping and didn't get to meet this wonderful person.
Through the conference we were able to get half price tickets to a pirate dinner theater. I have an awesome group shot of all of us, but I still have to scan it.

Joseph and Sahara were chosen to go up and be a part of the show.
After the show I went and helped Justin get the boys in bed, and then I hopped in the Eichelberger's car and went to there house with them and Eric. It was so great to see Whiskey again. Whiskey is our Buddy's biological brother. (Buddy is our cat) Whiskey and Buddy have so much in common, so it was fun to just watch him and cuddle him again.

I was so lucky that Gladys came over with Tison so I could see them. We had a lovely talk and I am so grateful that she is my friend.

Once Gladys left the four of us friends just sat on the bed until midnight, talking like old times. It was a lovely relaxing night.

On the way home Semra and I were stalked by an armadillo. Ok, so we were stalking him trying to get a picture of him. Too bad the best picture I got was of his butt. It is really hard aiming a camera in the dark.
Convention: Day 4
We had some special visitors during breakfast!!!
While in line these two realized they are chair twins. They were pretty cute together.
Irony of all irony ... Landon LOVED meeting Buz Lightyear! He kept waving, and saying hi. In fact he hasn't stopped talking about Buz since we got home. Buz and Woody were very excited when they saw their pictures on Evan's backpack.

p.s. Buz is a flirt .... I wonder if Jesse knows???

We went to our final classes (AMAZING) and went to pick up our children ... only to find that Evan was replaced by a creepy skeleton!! He is a smart skeleton though, he is wearing a hat sticker on his head.
and a boot sticker on his foot.
And that was it. The conference ended and we flew home. It has been nice to be home after being gone nearly a month. Don't you fret though ... there has been very little resting, you can always tell by the state of my house how much we have been playing.

More to come!!!


Lisa said...

What fun! I just love the pictures. I would love to go to an SMA conference with you sometime. We can tag team on the classes.

Lowdogg said...

Excellent stuff. And the new template looks fantastic.

Peter and Mandy said...

That looks like so much fun!!!! The new layout looks pretty cool too.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I was wondering what you thought! I did it days ago! haha let me know if you want anything different. &I have always wanted to see an armadillo in real life! haha so cool.

Heidi said...

It is totally awesome that they do that conference! It looks like it was a god-send. I'm glad you and Justin got some time alone together too. I can't imagine how you make it to the temple and even grocery shopping. You and Justin are pretty amazing.