Thursday, June 30, 2011

Convention: Day 2

This conference was unbelievable! I will write a completely separate post about some of the things I learned. For now I am just going to add pictures and tell you some stories about things other than the classes.

I woke up early this day and found the Quantum wheelchair vendor. He was more than helpful and rigged Evan's wheelchair to work for this first day, allowing him time to go home and get the parts needed to actually fix the wheelchair. He did all of this free of charge! I am going to try and contact him and tell him that he should charge Continental for his time and parts since we do have an open claim with them. Lets hope I can get a hold of him. He was just an angel on earth.

this is where we ate breakfast every morning.
The conference had a children's area where we could leave the kids. This was an experience we have never had. We cannot usually leave Evan in places like this. We have never had the opportunity to drop him off and go do something. What was amazing about this Children's area is that all of the volunteers are siblings of kids who have SMA, or relatives of kids who have SMA, or physical therapists volunteering their time. Everyone working has experience working with children who have SMA, so we felt comfortable leaving Evan. Landon was in the "baby" room and was happy as a clam to have room to run and play.

Evan had a GREAT time!!!!

This was the day that the conference had tickets to Epcot. We met the Eichelbergers and Eric there and just had a blast!!! They have changed some things since we were there last and we loved it so much more!!! There was supposed to be a dessert in the evening for the convention, but when the torrential down pour started we decided it wasn't worth the effort (with the wheelchair) to find out where the dessert had been relocated. So we ran for cover in Mexico, ate some dinner under a shelter and ended up with a front row seat for the fireworks show. Then we had to walk home in the rain. Did you know that getting caught in the rain with an electric wheelchair is no fun?? By the time the park closed Evan had been driving in the rain for many hours. He made the decision to sit in the warmer, and totally covered stroller with Landon (not to mention it was about 4 hours past their normal bedtime), so I drove the wheelchair back to the hotel.

Never fear ... we still had a GREAT time!!!!

Did you know that Disney brought back Captain EO????
ROCK ON!!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!

long long long day for the boys!


Peter and Mandy said...

Love the picture of you holding out the plastic while Evan drove in the rain...too funny!

Fred ... said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Lisa said...

I love the boys matching shirts. Do you remember the first time we took you and Brandon & Ben to Disneyland and I made you all matching shorts? I miss those days.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

looks like a blast! :)