Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what I've been waiting for

So it is no secret that I don't like the winter. I never preferred the winter when I lived in paradise, and I am no fan now that I am an Eskimo. The one thought that got me through this winter is knowing what I got to do in June. Well June is here and I am a very happy girl.

I've already gotten to go camping with my Daddy (although that was an interesting and cold experience with 2 hours of sleep between 6-8AM). I got to see my sister graduate from Seminary with 4 years of perfect attendance. I have gotten to spend time with my family. I have gotten to spend some time in my beautiful city. And I got feathers in my hair!!!

Now all I have to do is get a hold of some of my girl friends (Mandy call me back ;-) and make a date with them.

All I can say is we have been having fun!!!!

now that they are a little older it is so fun to see Evan and Sydney play so well together. They have little conversations and are learning to share with each other.

Dad took Landon up in the tree house. At first he was a little nervous, but ended up thinking it was pretty cool.

Daddy daughter camp out (that my sons came on)

me and my Daddy
(I look pretty good for having no sleep the night before)

Evan refused to be in the picture, he is hiding behind Dad

Daddy and some of his girls


Evan is such a flirt!!!

Does a child get any cuter?


Da Costa said...

Kira Palmer!!!!! I didn't have time to read your post (I will later) but I wanted to say that I WILL SEE YOU IN 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just wanted you to know that I'm excited! Luv ya!

bree johnson said...


Fred ... said...

What a fun campout. I'm glad you were there (and your boys too).

Lisa said...

I'm glad you got to go to the Father/Daughter campout!