Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Evan

Time time, when will I have time.  This summer is flying by so stinkin' fast and I can't believe it!!!  But there is NO WAY that I can let the day end without sharing a bit about my big 5 year old boy.

Evan turned 5 years old yesterday and the last two days have been non-stop celebration.  We hosted not one, but two celebrations with the family yesterday, because some weren't able to attend the dinner that we had planned.  It was totally hectic and WAY more work for me, but ended up being a really lovely experience.  I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out.

This year I let Evan determine the theme and guests for his friend party, which we had today.  After the party was over it was one of those days that I thought to myself ..."yup, I'm a really good mom!"  Before you call me out for being overly confident I promise you I have bad days, but today just wasn't one of them.  The party was amazing and Evan, who has the sweetest spirit ever even told me as I was tucking him in that it was a really great party.  That sealed it for me.  This year ... I did good!

-wicked awesome decorations? (mostly borrowed from our neighbors) CHECK
-home made cake from scratch CHECK
-activities timed perfectly so the children never got to rowdy CHECK
-pinata (a requested activity) CHECK
-awesome friends CHECK
-telescope AND ocean crafts to make and take home CHECK
-pirate food CHECK
-face painting and pirate oath CHECK
-treasure hunt CHECK

The welcome committee handing out hats and swords.
Face painting and swearing in room.  They had to be sworn in as real pirates before entering the rest of the party area.

we made oceans, but I forgot to get an after picture.
I made the cake from scratch and tried fondant for the first time.

swearing in the boys as real pirates
our fearless leader!


learning the rules for the treasure hunt.  The treasure box was buried and their loot bags (complete with a ring pop and gold coins) was found inside.
too bad Ishan and Shanaya hit traffic and aren't in the picture, but it was too good to pass up.


Lynn said...

Awesome!! Everything!

Happy Happy Birthday Evan!

Peter and Mandy said...

What a great party! Happy Birthday Evan. I love the octopus, and what was in the rum? It looked both scary and fun.

Christy said...

Looks so fun! You aren't a "really good mom"... You are a GREAT mom! Happy Birthday Evan.

Lisa said...

That is awesome! Great pictures and what a fun party. I wish I could have been there. Did you get a new chest?

Da Costa said...

Awesome paaaaaar-ty!!!! :)

The Meyers said...

Wow the cake looked awesome. If you got any pictures of Austin in his pirate getup I would love one. He had a great time

Tessa @ Lighting the World on Fire said...

I love great parties and this one counts! Too fabulous! AND when will you be out here? I want to plan our cBc outting and our boys' playdate!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Okay so the last picture is perfection! hahaha SUCH a great party! The cake turned out great Kira!!! :) Loved all the details.