Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday weekend.

I was hoping to get these posted before we all left for Waterton, but turns out I only had enough time to get the pictures downloaded before we loaded the vans and took off.  We have some of Justin's college buddies here visiting us right now and they all arrived the day before and the day of our sweet Landon's birthday.  Since I was already going to be playing host to 11 extra people (in addition to our own family) I decided that it would be a family party.  We had cousins and Grandparents come to celebrate the birth of our little tornado!  I CANNOT believe that he is 3!!!!  More on that when our company leaves but enjoy our sweet boys "animal" party.

And I was quite proud of my icing!!!!  Seriously going to be making that recipe again!!!!

Prep for 15 people for a week (food, bedding, towels)
2 successful birthday parties
(I'm feeling pretty good about myself ... and tired)

I made these oreo pops and they were sugary heaven on a stick!

such a brave boy now!!!  Jumps in with full gusto!!!

Joes birthday was the next day so we had a birthday brunch for him before we took off.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Such a great cake :) Looks like lots of fun!