Wednesday, August 1, 2012

crazy summer

The weather here has been phenomenal!!!!  We have spent everyday outside.  Yesterday we were outside literally all day ... and then today I experienced one of the craziest shifts in weather that I have ever experienced.  It was HOT, and I mean really HOT and no joke it dropped about 40 degrees F' and we had a crazy hail storm.  The hail balls were a couple inches in diameter and man am I glad that I got out and covered my most sensitive plants.

Thank heavens it was nothing like this hailstorm in Cardston a week ago!!!!  60 million dollars in roof damage, and we aren't even talking about the totaled cars and shattered windows etc.  Lets hope I never have to experience baseball sized ice balls falling from the sky.

Evan-ism of the week so far.
Evan:"Mom, you need to pull me up faster ... like 3 kilometers"
(me laughing): "3 kilometers??"
Evan: "no ... 100 kilometers!"

It cracks me up how Canadian he is.  He is 5 and totally thinks in kilometers.  I've been here 4 years and still think in miles!!

This little boy is soooo brave now!  He is a fish.  He jumps in the water and won't take a break.  He always just says, "No break mom, I keep swimming!!!"

Who wouldn't love this man?


Lynn said...

Yup! Crazy weather. That's just a regular day here for ya. lol.

P.S. I've lived up here all my life. Always will speak and think in miles. ; ) Hated it when they made the change over when I was in Jr. High. Never did get use to it. Thankfully, a lot of people still use the old system.

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my that's crazy weather. Love those Evanisms!

Lisa said...

What a fun summer! Glad you didn't have the hail they had in Cardston. Aunt Orva's new car got smashed.