Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Mommie's Day

Well, I am very new with this blogging thing but I just wanted to write and tell you all about my awesome mommy. From the moment I saw her I knew that she loved me with all of her heart. She has put her normal life on hold so she can take care of me and I am so grateful for her love. She spends her whole day taking care of me and I love being with her. When she enters the room I can' help but smile at her because I love her so much. We play together all day. She reads to me. She feeds me (well, tries to feed me). I guess that you could say that she takes care of my every need. She does all this because of her endless love for me. I love being with her and I can tell that she loves to be with me too. I love you mommy with all my heart. I just wanted you to know this.



Sarah said...

awwww, how cute... sniff.

Teresa said...

Well said. Happy 1st offical Mother's Day Kira :)!