Sunday, May 4, 2008

Senior awards banquet

Weird ... and VERY cool!!
Some of our very good friends, the Gardners
Justin as the evenings MC

Yesterday we attended the senior awards banquet for Justin's 08 class.  He did not receive an official award, but he was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  I have to brag about Justin for a little bit.  He was hilarious!!!  Really, my wonderful husband was a natural up there.  He would go with the flow and really made the evening interesting.  I can't believe that he will be graduating in 2 weeks!!  It is going to be crazy around here for a little while.  


Lisa L said...

Justin we are so proud of you! You don't know how badly I've tried to figure out a way that we can get up to your graduation even though I knew in February that if we were up there for your sealing to Evan & his blessing and with the wedding in May it would be too much for us financially. I only gave up trying to find a way yesterday. At least we were at your BYU graduation and that is giving me some solace.

Lisa L said...

Oh, and I forgot....I agree with Kira it is a weird picture!!

Lowdogg said...

That first picture is AWESOME, in a sex offender kind of way.
Just kidding.
But seriously.
I'm kidding.

Fred ... said...

Why am I not surprised Justin was the MC. I'll bet he was wonderful. Congratulations Justin, I really wish I could be there. I'm very proud of you and for the good man that you are. That first picture is a bit disturbing though.

The Meyers said...

Congrats to juice can. Wow almost done dental school! I am excited to see you guys

The Nielsen Family said...

Way to go Justin!!! you are just about there. We are SOOOOO excited for you guys? BTW, why does Justin's name plate say "DMD" and not "DDS"?

Lisa L said...

Kira told me to go back and look at the tie closer. You did indeed wear your "tooth" tie!! Yah!!