Sunday, May 4, 2008

Room mate fun!

Becky and I
A shot to show you how close they were coming.  I'm standing on the dock.  
Justin and Mark
Is there anyone who doesn't love baby bums??
Baby Macy (4 months) and Evan (9 months).  
She is wearing the dress that we gave her. :-)  

One of my room mates from BYU came out to visit us with her family.  We had the best time with Becky, Mark, and their kids.  We tried our very hardest to show them all of the best Florida sites (or at least our favorites).  We haven't been able to see them since our move to Gainesville, so it has been 4 years.  They didn't have either of their two children.  Everything was working in our favor.  The weather was perfect.  When we went to Fanning Springs there were 7 manatees visiting!  They never came into the swimming area while we were there, but they came right up to the dock and the water is so clear that we could see every detail.  That was awesome!  We went to see gators and we headed to the beach.  Thank you for coming guys ... we love you!  


Lisa L said...

How fun!! I'll bet you don't get quite the same amount of visitors in Calgary as you've had in Florida eh? :(

mark and becky said...

Love the pics! We had so much fun, and never wanted to leave! Hopefully we don't have to wait four years again.

Fred ... said...

Those manatee's are the coolest things. That is an experience I'll never forget.