Saturday, May 10, 2008

Iron Man

I apologize ahead of time, because this is going to be a bit of a random post.  First thing I would like to do is give a HUGE two thumbs up to "Iron Man".  We went to see it yesterday and couldn't have been more impressed.  I like a good comic book story, but it is easy to be VERY cheesy in a movie and this was far from it.  The entire movie from start to finish was very well done (and I want his house, but Justin said no).  
Moving on ....

I wanted to share this picture we got of Evan.  He has realized that he can move ALOT and thinks it is hilarious to do so during dinner time.  Meals have become one of the messiest ordeals I have ever seen.  Look closely, its in his hair and everything.  

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Melanie said...

I love reading your blog!! I need to email you a link to mine. thanks for posting! He looks like he had a great time:)