Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Man!

I am very nervous about the information we may find out today. We were running along doing the errands for today, after a very rough morning that consisted of 2 children breaking down, Evan outright refusing to eat or drink anything and a full blown Mommy melt down. You know the kinds where you feel like you are not good enough and your children are suffering because of you. (I should explain that my Mommy melt down stems from the 6 month check up on the phone with Evan's new dietitian this week, basically telling me that he is still not growing the way they would like him to and that he isn't getting enough Calcium, food, etc.)

We knew that the tire was low and that was on our list of errands to run today. We grabbed a quick lunch to feed the kids and made our way to the air pump to fill the tire so we could make it to the tire place. Several things happened at this point.

1) the car started shaking
2) there was a horrible grinding sound coming from that side
3) we continue to the pump because we have no other option
4) there is a GIANT hole in the side of our VERY flat tire
5) we jack the car up to put the donut on
6) the car falls off of the donut and lands directly on the brake disc (NOT GOOD)
7) we finally get the donut on and have to fill it with air
8) THE RAMP WON"T WORK!!!!!!!!!

Accessible vans are expensive and I am terrified that the alignment got knocked out of whack, which is why the ramp won't come out. I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY expensive fix!
Oh and I ripped my nail down below the skin line. I sure hope that this day improves some! We are going to a halloween party tonight so that should be fun.

some things that I am definitely thankful for today......
1) Justin was with me when the tire fiasco occured
2) the car didn't land on my husband
those are two very big things!!!


Lynn said...

"my blog has been really dull lately"

That's what you said in your last post. Just sayin. ; D

I know. Not funny. But I couldn't help but notice. When it rains it pours, eh? Not fun.

Hope you all have a GREAT HALLOWEEN night and hope that things will all come back together to being a better day for you......then you can maybe put that back on your blog again. Or maybe not. Don't want to jinx it again. ; D

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh goodness...if it makes you feel better I ruined my computer and now it's dead. Luckily we have Peter's computer so I can still stay in touch with the world.

Linz said...

oh, no! Hang in there, Kira! You are an awesome, Mom. Even hundreds of miles away, I am always inspired by you!!

Lisa said...

"Oh Man!" is right! I hope the alignment is okay and I'm glad Justin was with you and that he wasn't hurt during the fiasco. Like Lynn said it sure wasn't a "dull" day today!

Fred ... said...

Yeah, I'm glad your husband wasn't under the car when it fell. It's good that you can still see the bright side of things. Here's hoping you can fix the ramp without too much hassle.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I was just thinking when I read this how lucky you guys were no one was under the car!!

Teresa said...

Seriously?! Never a dull moment for you. I'm so glad everyone is safe. Its hard to have a dietician giving the mother report card...I understand that one from Erica's feeding tube days. For some reason, my perfomance as a mother was linked to her weight gain (or so I thought :). You are doing an amazing job. Amazing!

Grandpa said...

Hope all worked out in the end.
Love you