Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The real things in life

So I know that between illness, weather, and schedule my blog has been really dull lately. I promise I will actually post pictures in the next update but for now I am going to record the things in life that I really don't want to forget. My kiddos!!!

This little kid cracks me up all the time! He seriously is a comedian in a tiny body. It surprises me sometimes the sense of humor he has at 3 years old. (I can't believe he is three!!!)

Both of the boys have had fevers last night and today. I was checking Evan and he says: "I'm hot, like there is a fire in my arm." (good analogy Bud)

I give Evan decisions all the time. (example: eat your lunch OR take a nap immediately) Apparently Evan has started to pick up on this because when he doesn't like what I am doing he will get this really stern look on his face and give me a choice. It is usually pretty comical, like the decision to take him into the sketchy 7-11 with Justin at 10PM OR drive home (3.5 hours away). Yesterday's was especially hysterical. Sometimes Evan just doesn't want to work as hard as he needs to for simple tasks. He would rather I spoon feed him every meal because it is easier to not tire out his muscles doing it. I had told him several times that he is a big boy and he needed to feed himself. He puts on the most serious face I have seen yet and says to me. " Mama, are you listening to me? You need to look in my eyes and listen to me right now. You have two choices, help me eat OR take me upstairs to watch a movie. It is your decision, you choose. (pause with his hand on his hip while I am unsuccessfully trying not to giggle) Which is it Mama, help me eat or movie." How could I not help him eat that meal ... it was too cute for me to stand.

We went to the Zoo on the weekend and Evan pulled Justin aside to show him the "cockle doodle doo chicken"

Tonight I was talking to Evan about how to pray. I suggested he think of 2 things that he can thank God for and 2 things he can ask God for. This was his prayer tonight:
"thank thee for my fish tank
thank thee for my night night
please bless me to get more fish tanks and more fish"

We just had to switch out the boys closets because it got to that point that I realized both of them were preparing for a flood and wearing 3/4 length sleeves in this freezing cold weather we are having. Evan ended up with 3 pairs of pants and two of them are church pants. We got him a whole new ward robe and I do have to say that he looks so dapper in clothes that fit and I can't remember when he actually turned into a little boy instead of my baby.

While Landon has also crossed into a new size and is close to catching up to Evan the moose is still my baby. I love his rolls, I love his smile, and his personality is something else! I am NOT worried about Landon succumbing to peer pressure! Nobody will be able to make that child do anything that he doesn't want to. I AM positive that Landon will be the leader. Whether he leads others for good or evil is yet to be determined :-) (I do say this with all the love a mother can have for a son).

Landon is talking up a storm lately. Here are the first Landon-isms of my blog!

"Mummumumumumum": Landon sounds like a broken record when he is calling us or trying to get our attention. He uses the term universally for both Justin and I. What is really funny is when we continually try and to teach Landon to say Daddy. We point to Justin and say "Daddy this is Daddy". Landon then looks at us (with a face that could rival "puss in boots") and points to Justin and says: "Mum" "Mum" someday he will get it.

Water - "waller waller waller" (the broken record thing is common with him)
Fish- "dish"
Horse- "hos"

When he sees a picture of a dog he starts "woofing"

Landon is still such a brute! He is constantly bruised!! He ran into the corner of the table today (a common occurrence) and just shook it off. He doesn't ever walk, he constantly runs. No wonder I'm tired!


Natalie said...

So much fun to hear about your boys! That's hilarious that Evan gives you "choices."

I was thinking about you when I did one of my last posts about having a bad day. I was thinking that it was pretty silly of me to be complaining about my kids being awful for one day when you were dealing with Bells Palsy and ear issues and sick kids and husbands being gone and opportunities on the line. I hope everyone starts feeling well soon! You're in my prayers.

Lisa said...

It's fun to read how the boys are growing and the funny things they say. I'm glad you blog so we can read these things since we can't be there. It keeps us connected. Love you!

Dorienne said...

Great update. Evan is so clever and Landon is a tough kid.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Okay Evan giving you the choices is hilarious!

Peter and Mandy said...

Evan is just too cute...it's so funny how kids pick up on what we say and start using it against us.

The Nielsen Family said...

Funny Kiddos!!!