Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Release

 If you live under a rock I should inform you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the twilight saga!  I love every little bit of it!  I am even one of those people who get a little angry if anyone says anything negative about any part of it ... books or movies.  I admit that I am fanatical about the story, the characters, the actors and I am NOT ASHAMED!!!  You can't see it in the pictures but I even went sparkly :-)

Last night I was, of course, in the first viewing of Breaking Dawn: part 1.  Luckily I have friends who are equally fanatical and Janae decided to throw a party beforehand.  Did she ever hit it out of the park!!!  She did such an amazing job!

 The cuisine was a nod to the Cullen's vegetarian diet and we even ate mushroom ravioli (the meal that Bella orders on her first date with Edward).  We drank "blushing bells" and an eerie blood red mixture.  I made "puppy chow" because Jacob ends up becoming a part of the Cullen family so he's going to need something eat ;-) but the best dessert (HANDS DOWN) goes to Erin.  She made bleeding cupcakes!!!!!  

 Check out Kristen's vampire eyes!!!  
I got Andrea and Janae gifts.  Andrea got a Jacob barbie and Janae got an Edward barbie (yes, ladies and gentlemen ... Edward even sparkles!)

The theater was awesome and I had such a great time!!!  We were all giddy and giggly and kept taking various kinds of pictures with the cardboard cutouts.  It was soooo fun!!!

so it might be a picture with a werewolf and not a vampire but I had to include it!  Amy's picture ROCKS!!

Amy made this for me and I just can't get enough of it!!!  The whole drive home I would look at it and get butterfly's in my stomach.  I literally thought about the movie all day today and CANNOT wait to go again.  Hopefully it will be soon.


Tess said...

Kira, this is SO ridiculous. I love it and am super jealous! I ran into your mom a few weeks ago and she said that you are coming out for Christmas- I don't know anyone who LOVES Twilight so maybe I can bribe you into joining me!!- I do have a super cute gift that I wanted to make for someone and I think that you are the only person who would appreciate it. P.S. I love your fascinator too. Did you buy it or make it? P.P.S Your new house is beautiful. I love all the windows!

Fred ... said...

You are a silly girl. I like the picture of you in Edwards arms.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Okay... that last picture.... I am DYING! hahaha

Lisa said...

That party looks like soooo much fun! I love the last picture :) I'm taking Sarah to see it on Tuesday.

Sarah said...

Holy hilarious. Going tonight. Can't wait! I just wish I had your outfit to wear!