Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodbye Halloween

Thank you to Kristen for providing the materials for my awesome "themed" nails.  (Oh and they glow in the dark!!!

I can't believe that Halloween came and went!  I LOVE the holiday and even got to go out trick or treating with my boys this year.  Thank you Mark and Lanny for handing out candy!  

We had a cousin pizza party beforehand and then went our separate ways for the candy getting.

the boys were OBSESSED with this feature sitting on our friends lawn.

our neighbor had a very clever outfit.  Yes that is a real pumpkin on his head.

the LOOT!!!

needless to say the boys were wired!!!!  It was a great fun night!


Lisa said...

That's the pirate ship blow up I sent you the picture text of remember? How nice of Lanny & Mark to hand out candy so you could go trick or treating with boys :)

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh how fun! Your neighbor has a pretty funny costume. I bet his head was a bit heavy.