Friday, November 11, 2011

Landon's tough week

So this little guy has had a really tough week.

Tuesday he woke up with dry blood all over his face.  He'd had a massive bloody nose in the night and it would randomly bleed during that whole day.

Wednesday he fell and landed on his mouth.   He cut his bottom lip pretty badly and its still pretty puffy.

Thursday he fell and clipped his eye on the corner of a chair.  He cut the bottom and the top and woke up today with a pretty sweet black eye.

Today we were at the science center as a family and Landon was playing inside the jungle gym.  I watched a little girl try and take his ball away from him and Landon wouldn't let her take it.  She promptly scratched his face (tiger style) and stole the ball.  It takes A LOT to hurt Landon and I could tell that he was hurting pretty badly.  I managed to get my adult body up the child size rope course impressively fast and "save" my baby.  By the time I got him his face was really swollen and it was clear (on both sides of his face) where her razor sharp nails had got him.

I took this picture just after he woke up from his nap.  Now that the swelling has gone down it is clear to see the additional wounds to his face :-(  (there's a small nail scratch on the other side as well).

The funny thing is he keeps pointing to his face and saying "She scratched me."

Poor guy


Lisa said...

Poor guy! Did you say anything to her parents? I sure would have and I would have made sure she saw his face!! Give him a big hug from Grandma and tell him I love him!

Peter and Mandy said...

Yikes, that is a rough week

Fred ... said...

Poor guy.