Saturday, November 5, 2011

More House Pictures

Alrighty, here is the remainder of our main floor.  We had to put a hold on some of the plans (you know that whole money thing) so forgive the music room and the office which can't be unpacked yet because of that reason.  I promise to show before and after pictures though.

Here are a couple views of our kitchen

This is the walk through from the kitchen ....

into the pantry........

into the storage room.  
Now this room is special.  Not only does it give a home to the games and crafts BUT its main purpose is to house all of Evans extra equipment.  In our old home his extra's would line our walls and take up so much space.  They are as small as they are ever going to be so it is such a blessing to have a room specially made to be a parking lot.  
(In case you are curious Evan currently has 4 pieces of mobility equipment that he uses on a regular basis)

Here is the main floor bathroom.
We put in progressive toilet seats so that we don't have to worry about potty seats and taking it on and off for Evan (he will always need a smaller toilet seat). 

The hallway just outside the garage and main floor bathroom.

wrap around from that and you are in our front entrance.  Do you see the white door on the left??  THAT my friends is the elevator.  The room on the right is the music room.

view from the front door.

picture of the stairs taken from the music room.

Finally you make a full circle around to the music room

and ending in the office.

 Well my friends, I hope you enjoyed the tour of our main floor.  When my life settles down a bit more I will post pictures of the other two floors.  Finished or not ... I promise they will come.  Now I am going to start getting ready for bed.  It is picture day in the symphony tomorrow and I want to look nice ;-)

Enjoy these sweet pics of Landon's play date the other day.  SOOOOO CUTE!


Fred ... said...

How cool to see the real thing. It looks just like the architectural drawings said they would. Amazing eh?

Peter and Mandy said...

Wow that looks amazing.

Lisa said...

Love the play date picture :) Also, I had never heard of that type of toilet seat before. Pretty cool!! I LOVE the house and I'm glad I got to see it a bit when I was there this summer.

Teresa said...

I love it! Gorgeous!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Landon is adorable. So handsome. So happy I got to see the house in person! Love your long windows, and that Owl art is so cool :)

Sarah said...

Wow! Check out your view! It's absolutely beautiful...

Jenn said...

I have not been reading blogs for over a Month! you are so good to keep up with your life. I am behind....but all in good time. That is such a cute picture of my little Lady and your little Prince. And the background to the picture is especially lovely. I LOVE your house....and I know you do too. I'm happy for you and your successes.