Thursday, February 23, 2012


You know you cook with a lot of butter when your 4 year old thinks that it is a food group worthy to mention.

This morning Evan calls to Landon:  "Landon come down and eat breakfast!!!  We are having muffins, oranges, and BUTTER!!!"

Wow it's been a rough couple of weeks for me!!!  I'm not going to bore everyone with all of the gory details but some of them include.

-Broken Vans
-a long lasting illness that ripped through our family (a couple of times)
-Justin leaving for a conference in Vegas
-Evan spraining his foot, which includes trips to Children's.
-I completely threw out my back (when Justin wasn't home)
-and loads of little things that add up in life.

I'm really excited though because I have a project/idea coming to life soon and I am going to need a lot of help with it.  I'm so excited ..... keep checking in!!!

here are some of the happy things we have squeezed into our lives in the past hard weeks........


Lisa said...

Love the pictures. The heart shaped pizza is cute, the boys Valentines are adorable. What is the cauliflower tree thing? I want to hear about your project! When I get home we need to talk about my trip. I'm excited to see the boys. I've been making lists of things to do with them :)

Lisa said...

P.S. Evan could be Julia Childs 'child' because she said "FAT gives things flavor" :)

Peter and Mandy said...

Yeah I'm curious of the cauliflower tree too and what is picture #7?

Tessa @ Lighting the World on Fire said...

Yea! You made the Valentines that I suggested! And butter is food group. How did you make it through 29 years of life without knowing that!? ;)

Kira said...

Mandy, its a reed knife that was made just for me. If I like the knife then the company is going to start mass producing them. :-)

Tess, the valentines were a MAJOR hit!!!