Thursday, February 9, 2012

Its a good thing he's cute

Yes folks it is a VERY good thing he is so cute because WOW!!!!!

Landon is really smart.
Landon is strong
Landon is mischievous.
Landon is active.
Landon is stubborn.

Just 4 of the things he has done in the last two days?

-Called 911
-started the washer ... with no clothes in it. 
-started the dryer with dry clothes in it. 
(both of those last two impress me a lot.  You have to push buttons in a certain order for it to start.  Apparently he has been paying attention and remembered!)
-and stabbed his brother in the eye with a fork.


Lisa said...

He's a stinker that one! He seriously reminds me so much of Alex.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh and it has only just begun! haha wow :)

Michelle said...

I've always said about my own kids that cuteness is their only defense. And he is so adorable! (I hope Evan is okay!) Good luck Mama!

Linz said...

I think Adrian has a bit of Landon in him, too. Maybe it's a second baby thing...:)

Oh, but he's so cute!

Peter and Mandy said...

Yes it's a good thing he's cute and that we love unconditionally :)

sarah said...

hahahaha wow that is too funny!! he certainly is cute and i am happy he is not dead... but i really do hope Evan is okay. Plus just think i am certain 911 is use to baby calls :P

Dorienne said...

Poor evan's eye!