Wednesday, February 1, 2012

out of the mouth of babes

Poor Evan has had a rough week!  On the weekend we were at the pool.  Evan had invited a friend and our whole church congregation was there.  There was so much going on and I forgot to buckle him into his chair.  Well of course he face plants on the concrete.  People with SMA don't have any reflexes and so when Evan goes down, he goes down hard!  I felt so guilty!!!  He doesn't have any control and I was the one who forgot to buckle him up!  I know things happen.  This isn't his first fall and I'm sure it won't be his last but I felt so bad.  Daddy gave him a cookie and Evan let Kristen ice him up.  He recovered with no serious injury but a really REALLY impressive goose egg on his head.  I cried the rest of the night and Evan was so sweet reassuring me that he was alright, but for the next day and a half he would remind me to buckle him in.

Now he is sick.  Not too bad and that is how we are hoping it stays!

Now for some positive stories:

Evan has had some killer one-liners lately.

Evan was constipated today and as he is trying to push he blurts out "freakin' poop, just come out!"

Evans teachers were putting him on the bus and told him to have a good weekend.  He responded to them with, "Cheers to the freakin' weekend!" (the Rhianna song)

At school Evan was being really slow and his teacher asked him why he was so slow that day and he said to her, "Jesus made me this way so leave me alone, ok?

Miss Kyla says to the class "Who's ready?" Evan replies very loudly, "I was born ready!"

I'm not going to spend time complaining about the weather because for the most part this winter has actually been quite lovely!  (I can't even believe how nice it is right now) but last week it was ridiculously cold (like -40 people).  I had the boys in the car attempting to drive around some errands (our car was broken) and Evan says from the back.

Evan: "Mom, why do we live in the north pole?"
Me: "Because this is where Daddy has a good job"
Evan: "Well I hate living in the north pole, its too cold here."
Me: "I hear ya buddy, but at least we can travel a lot!"


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my, poor Evan. Tough guy. I know you must feel bad but just remember you are only human, and like you said these things will happen. It is just apart of life. That was very sweet of Evan to try and make your feel better :) Your a good mama!
-His one liners are HILARIOUS. Can't wait to share these with Trevor, he always loves hearing them. I will never forget "Shirt for your boobs!"

Team K-L said...

Poor buddy. One time when I was really little, my mom forgot to buckle my carseat in. She slammed on the brakes and I went flying, carseat and all. You are definitely not the first to forget something like that.

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh gotta love those responses. I'm curious as to what his teacher thought of the Jesus made me this way so leave me alone, ok?

Fred ... said...

Now that is a goose egg! Wow!

Lisa said...

That goose egg makes me cringe! I love his one liners also and one of them he definitely got from Justin "I was born ready." He hears his Dad say that all the time! I'll have to add some of those to Alex's letter this week. I shared the one from the phone the other day. You should have put it on here. When I shared it with our Elders they were cracking. Do you remember? He was talking to me about going ice skating and then says "Just wait a minute. I need to pick my nose."

Dorienne said...

Best post ever!!! I loved Evan's one liners. He is a funny funny kid.