Thursday, March 1, 2012

all boy!!!

This poor boy ....
he has had a rough week.

But we are healing so thats good.

He decided that it was a great idea to jump from the ottoman to the wooden toy chest.  Well, the ottoman didn't want to stay put so it slid backwards sending his face hurtling towards the corner of the wooden chest.  His face was literally stuck to the corner and I had to take him off, which was accompanied with a sucking sounds of his face coming off.  

I immediately knew that it was deep!!  I could tell!!  THANKFULLY my friend was available and she came over and drove Landon and I to the urgent care so Justin could stay with Evan at home.  

The wait wasn't long (thankfully!) and the doctor debated whether we do stitches or gluing.  He told me about a study that was done about the debate on the two when it came to face wounds.  In a year there was practically no difference.  He suggested not putting Landon through more trauma and glue him.  I agreed and there you have it.  Landon sat so good for the doctor and listened to every word he said. The glue came off yesterday and the bruising is almost gone now.  Landon looked pretty sweet for a while though.  

waiting in the urgent care

that night after gluing ... right before bed.
the next morning.  It is hard to see in the picture, but there is MAJOR swelling in his poor face.  The only way you can really see it is the droop in his nose and lip.

of course Landon decided it was a great idea to get into my makeup.  Not my crappy make up, but my nice stuff.  It was all over him and the couch!!!  Thankfully he did it on the other side of his face so I didn't have to scratch his ouchies.  (He was in sooo much trouble, hence the tears)
hello bruise and puss!!!
again hard to see just how dark the bruise got.  It was all around his eye and stretched down his face in a triangle.  

We got to go to an indoor play park.  Landon wanted to bring his friend, Prycen.  These two are fairly twin like and sooo cute together.  I know the picture has Landon doing the headlock, but they really are fairly evenly matched.  Prycen had just had Landon pinned.  


Lisa said...

That boy!!

Teresa said...

Poor Little Landon! And so sorry to hear about the are such a great sport :).