Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cameron's surgery: Day 9

Today was the last day Justin, Mom and the boys were going to be here.  I let my mom spend the morning with Cameron and Justin and I took the boys to the amusement park at the West Edmonton mall.  They were so excited when they realized what we were doing.  It was really nice to spend that kind of time with them and play as a family.

Justin and the boys dropped me off at the hospital and they drove to pick up GG.  It is always such a beautiful moment when I get to see a Grandparent, or a Great Grandparent meet my children for the first time.  There really aren't any words to describe it except that it really is beautiful.

It is amazing to have my baby back!  Cameron's personality really is amazing!  He spent the entire day smiling, cooing, and smiling some more.  The biggest news to report is .........


I can hardly believe it!  This is the first time that I have ever seen my baby without his tubes, other than tube changes.  It is so strange for me to see him without tubes and at the same time see his oxygen saturation in the high 90's.

The other big thing to report is that we might be coming home tomorrow.  Cameron has a repeat of the "scary" test bright and early in the morning, and then we might get the word that we could be discharged.  That information came WAY earlier than I expected.  Really if we do go home tomorrow that will be exactly 7 days after his surgery.  Even the fact that we are already discussing coming home 7 days after open heart surgery just blows my mind.  At this point I know that even if we don't end up coming home tomorrow that it is going to be soon.

I am just so proud of my little one.  He is doing so good.  Now I am just really curious to see if he goes back on oxygen in Calgary or not.  I have already been warned that babies who come off of oxygen in Edmonton are notorious for needing it for a little longer in Calgary because the city is at a higher elevation.

As always I am humbled by the prayers that have been said for our baby.  I am just as humbled by all those celebrating all of Cameron's accomplishments.  I only hope that I can be that kind of support for others.

I am going to bed a very happy Mama tonight.  


Lynn said...

I can hardly see to type. So sweet a post this is! How beautiful to see his smiles and coos at his mamma. ; )

Kristen said...

Hey! So great to see him tubeless! Can't wait to have him home so he and I can have another phone conversation. Is he sounding less congested? Thanks for the updates!!

Peter and Mandy said...

So excited for you that he'll be coming home soon. And so excited that he's breathing on his own. What a big step for him.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, your little boy is doing so good!! :) I am so glad that you guys have gotten some good time together as a family. I pray that you're able to go home soon!

Shelley said...

Thank you for all the updates you share with us. What a sweet boy! And you are such a thoughtful, loving, wonderful mama!! Your boys are lucky.

Lisa said...

This post made me smile :) I am so grateful I could be a part of all of this. Love you all!!