Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cameron's surgery: Day 10 and 11

Tuesday was a busy day for our little man.  He had to have a repeat of that "scary" wire test where he was confirmed to have Wolf Parkinson White and they are suspecting that condition is to blame for all of his  first 24 hour adventures in the PICU.  They said that because of where they were doing this second test I would not be able to be in the room, but at least they let me bring him into the room with them.  I was hanging out in the back hoping that they would forget to kick me out, but as they were getting ready to start a very nice nurse remembered that I wasn't supposed to be there and ushered me out.  *Darn*  Cameron came back to me screaming!!!  I expected as much since he reacted to the first test while he was sedated and now he wasn't sedated at all.  Also I talked to one of the nurses about how I felt it was a really hard test for a parent to hand their baby over to.  She told me that she talked to a teenager who has had that test and he told her its one of the most uncomfortable tests he has ever done.  Poor baby!!!

After the doctor completed the wire test and we were back on the floor another doctor came and pulled his pacing wires (it took him a LONG time to calm down after that one) and our cout down for coming home started.  We had to wait at least 6 hours after the wires were pulled to be discharged.  

I spent the whole day talking to nurses, doctors, dieticians, physio, pharmacists etc. about our discharge information and what we needed to be doing at home.  Mostly I just cuddled my baby, once I was aloud to hold him again after his pacing wires were pulled!  

Around supper time I loaded up a wire free baby, pinched myself and took him to the Ronald McDonald house.  I ate dinner, checked out, and came home.  It made for a very late night, but I wanted to get back to my home and family.

Our first day home was almost surreal!  Thankfully my mom is still here until saturday and I got a nap in.  I realized when I woke up yesterday that the last week was extremely draining on me!  I was soooo tired and my mom is amazing and let me sleep!  It was so needed!  Honestly I am so grateful for her.  My mother is the reason that this whole experience was less stressful for Justin and I.  Her help has meant more than words can even say.  

There were so many things that are cool for us to see.  Cameron went in the elevator for the first time because he is finally tube free and can go.  I can move around so much easier.  Honestly I almost don't know what to do with myself being cord free.  One of the sweetest moments was when the boys woke up yesterday.  The first thing they both said when they saw me was "Is Cameron home?????"  "Can I hold him now?  I need to see him, where is he?"  They sure do love their brother!     

Today is our second day home, and we are loving the rest.  Cameron is healing everyday.  God is good!

100% wire free!!!

Its good to be home!  Landon dressed me up as a princess.

First time in the elevator


thenaptimebaker said...

Your little Cameron couldn't be more adorable. Or brave. I am so relieved to hear things are healing up and that you're home!!! We love you!

Lynn said...

Your mom IS the best! ; )

Peter and Mandy said...

I thought the bandages on his face were to hold the tubes in come he still has them? How come you couldn't take him in an elevator?

Love that he's getting better and doing so well.

Lisa said...

I'm so happy I could be there to help and to hold my little guy. I loved spending one on one with Landon & Evan :)

Anonymous said...

I have never met you, but I just wanted to tell you that you and your husband are angels. You have a perfect family thank you for sharing your story it has touched my heart. I pray Heavenly Father keeps blessing your family.