Monday, April 1, 2013

Cameron's surgery: Day 8

Happy Easter!

It was a beautiful Easter day for us and I think we managed all of our different obligations well.

After a horrible night we had a lovely morning with the boys.  Evan was up the entire night (literally) bugging us because he was trying to catch the Easter Bunny in action.  This would have been fine if he had his own room, but we are all in the same room right now.  I try to remind myself that I love that kind of belief.  I love that Evan is excited enough by the magic that he will keep himself up because he so desperately wants to be a part of it, even if it means that I feel like dying the next day.

The Easter Bunny was very generous this year and left baskets for all of the children in the Ronald McDonald house just outside our room doors.  There may or may not have been some little extra "personal" items added to the boys baskets.  They each got a Skylander giant and I think their heads almost exploded with excitement!!!  Joy was literally radiating through their faces.

We all got ready for the day and went to wish Cameron his first Happy Easter.  He was sooo sad when we got there and I think it is because they gave him a bath, removed all of his bandages, and cleaned all of his wounds.  We stayed with him for a little bit and then Mom, Justin and the boys went to church while I stayed and read stories about Jesus to Cameron.  He ended up falling asleep and we had a beautiful Easter morning together.

After church Justin and I played switcheroo and I drove the boys to my Grandma's house for Easter dinner.  She lives in Edmonton and was very excited to spend a little time with the boys.  As always, she spoiled the boys and they got another easter basket from the Easter Bunny there.  She also invited a cousin of mine over that I hadn't seen since we were very small children.  It was a lovely visit, although it wasn't long enough.

We raced back to the house for the Easter Egg hunt and were convinced that we had missed it because we were so late, but it had (fortunately for us) been delayed until after dinner.  We talked and played and talked and played until dinner was ready and were really treated special tonight.  I felt like we were eating in a fancy restaurant.  The food was phenomenal!!!!  We even had some pie and followed the evening with the coveted Easter egg hunt.  The boys loved it and we were even able to have it outside, which was a nice change.

Justin played stay at home dad and mom and I headed back to the hospital to cuddle our sweet baby again.  I finally got what I have been waiting for ... his first post op smiles!!!!  He gave the first one to grandma, but saved some for me.  We spent the rest of the night talking, and watching him smile and coo.  I had put up some decorations for Cameron to look at and he loved it.  He was fascinated by everything to watch.  I feel like today is the first time that Cameron is really starting to act like himself again.  His personality was shining tonight!

Landon wouldn't sit still long enough to get a picture of him in his Easter outfit, and then Justin let him change out of it for the hunt. Believe me though, he looked cute!

Jen's daughter said to me, why do you remind me of someone?  I responded with, "maybe it cause I kindve look like your mom"  Her daughter said "yeah, thats probably it." and left.

zombie daddy!

Grandma finally got to hold this little one post op!  I think he loves her, what do you think?



Fred ... said...

What a fun day. I can actually feel you starting to relax through your words. I'm really glad you're sharing this entire experience with us. It's not as good as being there with you but almost.

Peter and Mandy said...

What a fun day! Evan just makes me laugh...where do little kids get all of their energy to stay up all night?

Lisa said...

A fun day and he DOES love me :)