Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cameron's surgery: Day 7

Actually today was fairly boring as for things to report.  Isn't that fantastic news????!!!!  Cameron is thriving at his new location and he got to have his first bottle today!!!  You should have seen his eyes when I put it in his mouth and he realized what it was!  Oh my heavens ... it was like that child had died and gone to heaven.  Normally a slow eater, that child finished his bottle in about 7 minutes.  He is just doing so well!  I don't know when we will go home, there are definitely still some things that need to happen, but he is stable and we are all happy.

The hospital had some easter activities for the boys today and they had a BLAST participating in those.  I'm pretty sure they ate chocolate for 2 hours straight.  It makes me a little scared that they are going to have a second day full of chocolate and spoiling.  Poor mom is going to die when she takes them back to Calgary and has to straighten them out again and put them on a schedule!

Anyway, I know it isn't much but I'm counting that as a good thing.

this is where I found Evan this morning.  He thought that he was so darn clever rolling off of his floor mattress and under the bed. He made my heart jump, thats for sure!

Im allowed to sit up now!


Sara Branch said...

Bless those little hearts!! Such an amazing family! So glad everything has gone well for you!

Peter and Mandy said...

He looks so good!

Fred ... said...

That must have been a shock for you to find Evan gone from his mattress. He doesn't get to play those kind of tricks very often.

Teresa said...

So excited for Little Cameron and his progress. Evan's collection story for his wheelchair is absolutely adorable. I love how you had the chance to be together this weekend! Beautiful pics, and great updates. Thank you so much, and praying for your family. Questions: How is his oxygenation? Does he still need oxygen? Is he keeping his feeds down pretty well? Erica ended up needing her NG tube for a few months after (which was not fun!), so it was so cool to hear he ate his bottle well!