Monday, March 25, 2013

Cameron's heart surgery: Day1

This post isn't going  to be a long one.  We kissed our older babies goodbye (and I bawled like a baby), hugged my mom and took off to Edmonton.  I am happy to report that we have safely arrived (no 100 car pile up for us) and might I say that I am already so grateful for the Ronald McDonald House.  It is amazing here and they truly know how to make a difficult and highly emotional time more bearable!  They have thought of everything!  As soon as our tour was completed we sat down and they fed us dinner. 

We made our initial drive to the hospital today so that we know we are going tomorrow morning at 6:30AM.  Our 5-6 hour pre-op day is tomorrow morning and (all fingers crossed) we will be told a time to arrive for surgery on Tuesday.  Wish us luck!!!

Before I sign off I want to say how completely overwhelmed with gratitude I feel right now.  There were so many people fasting and praying for us today.  I felt buoyed up and I feel loved.  Thank you all for the strength you have given our family.  We needed it! 

And now I have to feed a baby and go to sleep.  More tomorrow! 

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Lisa said...

Can't wait to hear more!!!