Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cameron's heart surgery: Day 2

Today was our pre-op day at the hospital.  What a day!  It was so physically draining.

We woke up at 5:30AM to get everything and everyone ready and took off to the hospital for the beginning of our 7:00AM appointment.  We met with the nurses, our surgeon (Dr. Ross), the lab technicians to get blood draws, and the physiotherapist.  Cameron got an echo cardiogram, and an EKG.  We all got a tour of the PICU, signed a waver for him to be a part of a research study, and ended the day with a chest x-ray.

Cameron is a rock star!!!  Seriously this little man fasted for 13 hours before he was aloud to eat, and he was so calm all day.  He didn't fuss once through any of his testing and he was calm enough that they didn't even need to sedate him for his ECHO or EKG.  I was such a proud Mama!

Cameron was cleared for surgery tomorrow and we found out that he has a secondary hole in his heart. This hole is quite small and would have closed on its own, but since they will be in tomorrow to patch things they will just close that too.  His surgery will be at 12:10 tomorrow.  Dr. Ross says that an AVSD repair is his favorite surgery to perform.  Its not the most complicated surgery they do, but its not the easiest either.

Overall I have been feeling less anxious today than other days this week.  Don't get me wrong I am still anxious but now I am in work mode.  I have a strong feeling that tomorrow is going to be a totally different story.  I wish I could say that surgery was an absolute guarantee, but there is a still a small chance that it could be cancelled for other emergencies.  Please pray that surgery happens as planned.

Tomorrow is the day that we have been anxiously waiting for and dreading for the last 6 months.

Wish us luck!!!!

The X-Ray is the only thing he cried for.  This is the 4th one he has had in his life and I cry right along with him.  You'd think there would be a better way to get the picture of his chest.  

talking to GG who is wishing him luck tomorrow.

This child fills my days with joy!!!
To quote my dear friend Dorienne ... "Literally bless his heart!" 


Fred ... said...

That X-ray holder looks like some kind of torture chamber. No wonder he cried.

Jenn said...

Your pictures are amazing. I just think he is so beautiful. Will had the same chest x-ray done when he was a baby. I cried during it... And so did he. I've always wished Inhad a Picture of it. Now I do. Thanks for your sacrifice Cameron.

Lynn said...

That x-ray seat for babies......interesting that I have never seen that my whole life until just this month. Now your sweet baby's picture is the 4th one I've seen. I agree with your dad....it looks like a torture chamber when they are upset like that. But I hear that it is actually comfortable for them. They just hate not being snuggled and warm.

You all are in our prayers!

Janelle Locking said...

lillie had to have one of those xrays and i cant get over how they havent found a different way to do it! they once ctrapped her to a board, and that was better than the tube! so sad! that picture of his and justin is to sweet for words! thinking of you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of you and him laughing, Kira; it's too sweet for words!

You're doing an amazing job with him. Keep staying positive and faithful. I'm so grateful that Justin is better and that he can be there with you, and that you can both rely on each other during this experience. You've chosen an amazing eternal companion who has stuck with you through lots of good and bad times, and will stick with you 'til the end... which will never occur b/c it's for eternity, so that sentence seems weird now... Ahem, anyways.

Keep your chin up and your smile on. Make sure you eat and drink throughout the day. Hold that little man's hand and smother, and I mean Kira-SMOTHER, him in kisses.

As a side note, his seclusion prior to going up there has made his hair flop down, similar to what happens to orcas in captivity. I had to scroll through older posts to see his fluffy little front mohawk. I guess it was only a matter of time before his cuteness could be held up by hair. You can't argue, it's science.


Team K-L said...

Yuck, I would cry, too in that chest x-ray device. I love the picture of you two smiling at each other. The sweetest.

Dorienne said...

What an absolute angel. I love this little guy. Thinking of you all this week.

Lisa said...

I'm in tears! Love the pictures, love Cameron and love you and Justin! I guess Dad doesn't remember that we had to take Brandon into emergency once when we were visiting your Great Grandma Ashmead in Calgary. They had to do chest x-rays also and it was done just like that. He screamed too and I cried also. With all the advances in medicine the last 20+ years I am surprised that that's the method they still use, but I guess it's the best.

Tessa @ Lighting the World on Fire said...

ALl my love to you guys right now. Thanks for all of the updates- I can't wait to hear how great it all goes!

Peter and Mandy said...

I'd be screaming too if I had to get in that contraption for an x-ray. The picture of him laughing is just too cute. What a bundle of joy you have.

Ang said...

Thinking of you and praying for you all!! That sweet boy of yours is just pure joy - he melts my heart. What a lucky sweetheart to have you as his mom.
xoxo Ang

Teresa said...

Cameron is a gorgeous little guy! So, so happy and relieved that his day has arrived, and cannot stop thinking of him! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it will feel when you see his oxygen stats in the high 90's (or 100%) without any added oxygen :). He will do great today, and know that Heavenly Father is there with you guys throughout his recovery.

thenaptimebaker said...

You each have been in our thoughts and prayers all week! Beautiful pictures. We love you guys so much and pray that everything goes according to plan. He is such a sweet and adorable little boy!!!

The Boring Family said...

He's so stinkin' cute! I'm glad everything is going well! For a second, I thought he'd been stuck in a blender for the x-ray! I think I'd be screaming, too! Glad he's such a trooper!

motherofangels said...

Macy has been in that same x-ray position many times. But Cameron's tears made it look so sad!!! He's such a sweetie!