Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cameron's surgery: Day 4

Last night was a rough night.

Cameron's developed JET ,which essentially means that his heart rate was really really high.  His rhythm was very sporadic and he began developing a pretty high temperature.  Cameron's team tried to stabilize him with a temporary pace maker, sedation, cold therapy, and a combination of medication.  Cameron kept throwing them curve balls.  He wouldn't stay sedated, which would in turn spike everything they were trying to keep steady.  Finally they decided to try a different sedation medication and this one his body tolerated better.  In the morning they cleared his heart for any significant leakage.

By about 10:30 in the morning the team had stabilized Cameron and the rest of the day was pretty much smooth sailing, minus a couple of very minor bumps.  Though the doctors prepare for these things to happen and these complications can happen very easily in patients recovering from open heart surgery it is unnerving to constantly have 9-13 people all working on your baby at the same time.  Like I said in a Facebook update earlier today, you know your baby has truly been stabilized when you can take a picture of his entire space and NOT have other people standing in the frame.

Originally the team was hoping to extubate Cameron today, but because of all the cardiovascular issues Cameron had through the night and this morning they made the decision to leave his LA tube in and to leave him intubated.  Hopefully they will be able to take those things out tomorrow.

After Cameron stabilized he was very calm the rest of the day.  Justin and I (and all the other parents) were booted from the PICU while they performed an operation on an emergency case that came in from Calgary yesterday.  The child wasn't stable enough to be moved and so they did the operation there.  It got me thinking that I am glad I am in the situation that I am in because I have had 6 months to prepare my brain for this life altering event.  It isn't an easy thing to go through.  There are moments of worry and stress, but we planned on it happening!!!!  This poor family was living their life and a moment later their child is in critical condition and their entire family is experiencing that stress in a different city with no preparation.  I am so fortunate.

Right before I left the hospital for the day they were going to start put a very minimal amount of food in his NJ tube to start prepping his gut, so hopefully he can start receiving full feeds soon.

Everyone is very happy with Cameron's progress today.  How lucky are we to live in a day and age where Cameron's heart can not only be repaired, but that he can be monitored so closely and made so comfortable as his body heals.  We feel everyones prayers and we a literally feeling God's love for our family.  God is Good.    

Sadly Justin went back to Calgary today so little Cameron and I will be hanging out by ourselves tomorrow.  We already miss Daddy dearly!!

when we got kicked out I took a nap on some really comfortable chairs ... NOT!!!  But I actually DID fall asleep and this I know because I startled awake when I started drooling.  I was pretty tired!


Lynn said...

Wow. That picture of Cameron with all those tubes and wires......sure got me stumbling with words..

Not because I have no words.......but because I suddenly had so many! I won't even start or I will be here all day. A Picture sure says a thousand words for sure.

We are SO blessed to live in this modern world!

Get more rest. And not on 3 hard chairs. ; )

Janelle Locking said...

this is soooo GREAT to hear! i bet your sooooooooo happy! sad justin had to leave! hope your not to lonly up there!! so sad about that other little child. i guess in some ways we are lucky! thanks for taking tine to update everyone! thats so great! get some rest! those pictures of you all are so great! for being as tired as im sure you are you both look GREAT! lots of love!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about you lots, thank you for continuing to post. I pray for you and your family. I can only imagine that your heart must feel like it has had surgery too from watching Cameron go through all of this. Love, Amanda Bourne.

Teresa said...

Thinking and praying for you guys! You are such an amazing mom! These hospital recovery days are so hard, but he will soon be your happy little baby again :). My favorite hospital recovery moment with Erica was when the chest tubes came out, and I could hold her again. Its the little things... and you will soon be holding him again :). And Kira, NO more plastic chairs!! Take lots of naps...but maybe there is at least a padded chair :)?!

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh so glad he's doing well.

Lisa said...

I love that you can have such great perspective even during trying times. I too am grateful for modern medicine :) Love you all!