Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cameron surgery: Day 6

Today was a HUGE day for our little baby!!!

I finally got to hold my baby boy again.  I have to say that he was pretty darn fussy until they put him in my arms and then he snuggled into his rightful place.  Cuddling my baby has probably been one of my strongest memories, good and bad, of this whole experience.  Not being allowed to hold him, or even really touch him, was something that was really hard for me.  My arms felt empty and I ached to be his comfort and support again.  When the surgeon came around and said, "Lets get that baby into Mom's arms."  I thought I would die with joy.  It was pretty interesting getting him in and out of my arms though.  At the point that they let me hold him he was still connected to a billion tubes and wires, so it literally took 2 nurses to place him in my arms.  His voice was still SUPER hoarse from the ventilator tube down his throat and it just made his little voice all the more adorable.

Justin, my Mom, and the boys all arrived today and it was the SWEETEST thing to see the boys come and interact with Cameron for the first time.  They each came in individually and were soooo sweet.  They each had a lot of questions about what was what and how he was feeling.  They kept kissing his feet and touching his leg.  I asked Evan if he missed Cameron and he made my day when he said "yes, but I missed you more!"  Well melt my heart and mop me off the floor.  Each of them were very happy to spend "their" time with "their baby" and really love being here as a whole family.  Honestly that has been one of the hardest things about this time.  We miss not being with each other.  The boys are acting up a bit while my mom is watching them and I know its because we aren't together, Cameron is also gone, and I am pretty sure they are feeling everyones worry about what was happening.  Thank heavens we get this Easter weekend.

Cameron had the majority of his tubes and major lines taken out today.  Watching those lines come out was pretty darn interesting.  Probably not something the faint of heart (or stomach) should watch, but I found it fascinating!  I'm really enjoying giving Justin the details and watching him squirm.

The BIGGEST news to report is that Cameron was healthy enough to be transferred into the ward.  It is really exciting to be able to see him lying in the bed by a window that looks outside and him not be attached to a mass of machinery.

Cameron is VERY awake now and is constantly punching himself in the face with his hand, which has a plastic barrier taped to it so he cant rip out his IV.  It is adorable to be able to see him start to get his personality back.  Now I am just looking forward to his first post op smiles.

We are so proud of our little man.

Our monitor graveyard

Daddy holds him for the first time.  Look at the look he is giving his Daddy.

We were eating lunch in the garden area and Evan says "Mom I need a plate"  Me: "Why?" Evan: "I need it to collect money for my new wheelchair while I play the piano."
I died!!!  How cute is that?  So we gave him money and so did one other woman when we explained to her what he was doing.

3 days post op and his incision looks fantastic.

Our new home


Anonymous said...

What a great update!!! I loved the witticism of the monitor graveyard; very clever.
It's so great to hear that he's doing better. I will take your word for it that the incision looks good... I have nothing to compare it to, so yeah, cool! Normally I might also be interested to see all the tubing and wires to be removed, but things change for me when it's someone I know and love. Haha for Justin being squeamish about that; I feel you big guy. Cameron's voice was already a little hoarse to begin with, so I can only imagine what it must sound like now. If you can try and grab a quick video on your phone would be neat to hear.
I hope you enjoy your weekend with your family.

Love to you all!

motherofangels said...

You're a trooper!!! I am so glad he is doing well!!!

Fred ... said...

Now that he is back in your arms I feel like I can relax a little. It has been a bit tough watching all of this from the sidelines but I have definitely felt like your little family has had angels watching over it.

That incision is going to leave one very cool scar.

Janelle Locking said...

I still can't get over tht picture of Evan and Cameron!!! He's gonna be a piano player!!!! So exciting!!! So glad your family got to be with you! That must make it better! And being able to hold that sweet little man again! I couldn't imagine what it was like to not be able to hold you baby! Your strong! And his insecion does look amazing!!! Such a great blog update!! He's such a storing boy!

Janelle Locking said...

And I ment strong !!!