Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Real life

Life is funny.

Life throws you curve balls all along the road.  Some you are prepared for, some that take you by surprise.  Some are happy and some are sad, but its all part of our personal heavenly plan.

I am sitting here in a quiet and clean home (thank you hubby) and I'm feeling really calm.  Evan and Landon are at school, Cameron is sleeping in his swing upstairs and everyone is healthy and happy.  It is hard to believe that the stress of surgery is over.  The last six months of my life have been getting our whole family ready for Cameron's open heart surgery and now he is through that and doing so well.  His doctors are almost giddy with how happy they are about his progress.

Evan and Landon are also doing really well right now.

Evan has a loose tooth and it is blowing my mind!  How do I have a baby that's old enough to have a loose tooth?  He was trying to eat an apple and kept saying that he couldn't because it was too hard and hurt his tooth.  Of course my first response was that he was exaggerating because he wanted a snack with a bit more processed sugar in it.  Once I realized that he was actually in quite a bit of pain when he tried to bite the apple I panicked and called Daddy Dentist.  Justin calmly said that he probably had a loose tooth which I immediately shut down because Evan, my baby, is for sure not old enough to have a loose tooth.  Sure enough though my big boy does indeed have a loose tooth and I'm left wondering where the time has gone.  On Monday Evan had a doctors appointment and when the doctor asked about his allergies Evan informed him that he was allergic to wine.  I died!  He is so funny!  It was even funnier when the doctor very professionally asked Evan if that meant that he was also allergic to beer and other alcoholic beverages.  Evan very seriously said that yes, he was allergic to those as well!  I just sat behind him trying not to laugh out loud.

Landon is benefiting from our "spring" weather.  Ok, well there isn't a lot of snow on the ground so he can at least be outside if he is dressed appropriately.  He is a little comedian, but his is mostly in his face and body language.  We were watching General Conference with our friends and I peak at him through the prayer to see if he is being good and he is sitting very calmly, arms folded, on our friends HEAD and giggling.  Landon completed his gymnastics course.  He will be starting soccer soon and he is really REALLY excited about this new adventure!

We are all happy.  I feel I have the energy now to be able to focus on some of the other obligations I have and hopefully get some things done that have been needing my attention.  I feel like this time is fairly calm in our lives and I plan on soaking it up.  You never know when life will throw you another curve ball.

Now if the weather would warm up ...........



Amy said...

So happy to hear that things are calming down for you guys, and really glad to hear that Cameron is healing so nicely! You guys have one beautiful family, that's for sure :) So I'm curious, what does your blog title mean? How did you and your hub meet??

Peter and Mandy said...

AAAAhhhhhh the swing swallowed Evan's pants! Looks like you got him out in just in time :) Love the photos.

teja said...

Kira, I just love reading about your family. You have the sweetest boys and I think you are an amazing mom. I am so lucky to have such great role models in my life- my own mom, and other amazing people around me. You are one of those people whose energy I am just drawn to. You show me new things about God and compassion every time I see you, and with every blog entry too. I am so thankful your baby boy made it home safe and sound. Congratulations, and enjoy the new freedom!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. What a blessing!! You guys are troopers. Take care.