Friday, February 27, 2009


My friend Kathy made a post about her bucket list and used this as a template of things that she would like to do. I have always loved the idea of a bucket list and maybe this will inspire me to sit down and write out some of the things that I still want to do. I like this list because it includes some really simple things, some that I have done and some I want to do. Maybe I will write a future post about my personal bucket list ... for now, here is this one.

Things you have done during your lifetime:

(X) Gone on a blind date (and it worked!!!!)

(X) Donated Blood (twice ... and that is a HUGE deal for me!)

(X) Skipped school

(X) Watched someone dying

(X) Been to Canada

(X) Been to Mexico

(X) Been to Florida (seriously want to go back!)

(X) Been to Hawaii

(X) Been on a plane

( ) Been on a helicopter

(X) Been lost

(X) Gone to Washington, DC (thanks for living there Heidi ;-)

( ) Hugged a homeless person

(X) Swam in the ocean

(X) Swam with Stingrays (this was THE single most coolest thing I have done in my life ... other than family stuff)

( ) Been sailing in the ocean (no, but I really want to)

(X) Cried yourself to sleep

(X) Played cops and robbers

(X) Recently colored with crayons (about an hour ago actually)

(X) Ran a 1/2 marathon (2 ... and hopefully I will run a full in May, that is DEFINITELY on my bucket list. I just need to fix my knee first!)

(X) Sang Karaoke

( ) Volunteered at a soup kitchen

(X) Paid for a meal with coins only

( ) Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch

( ) Seen the Northern Lights (I REALLY want to see these)

( ) Been Parasailing

(X) Been on TV (not hard to do when you play with the BYU orchestra. I think I am on TV at least once a month.

(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t

(X) Made prank phone calls

(X) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose (you know, I haven't even seen this happen to anyone else ... I think it's a myth!)

( ) Fed an elephant

(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue

(X) Fired a gun

(X) Danced in the rain

(X) Been to the Opera (I'll top that ... I have played in many opera's)

(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus

(X) Serenaded someone

(X) Seen a U.S.President in person (Pres. Bush came to Gainesville, and we really weren't even that far away.

(X) Been kissed under the mistletoe (I think only by my dad ... I don't know if that counts)

(X) Watched the sunrise with someone

( ) Driven a race car

(X) Been to a National Museum

( ) Been to a Wax Museum

(X) Eaten caviar

(X) Blown bubbles

(X) Gone ice-skating

(X) Gone to the movies

( ) Been deep sea fishing

(X) Driven across the United States (Not in one trip, but definitely done it. San Diego to Utah and Utah to Florida. Road trips are GREAT!)

( ) Been in a hot air balloon (I actually really want to do this ... despite my insane fear of heights)

( ) Been sky diving (NEVER!)

( ) Gone snowmobiling

(X) Lived in more than one country

(X) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets

(X) Seen a falling star and made a wish

(X) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser

( ) Seen the Grand Canyon

(X) Seen the Statue of Liberty

( ) Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle

(X) Been on a cruise (Best vacation EVER)

(X) Travelled by train (Every summer for 4 years with Mandy, one year we drove and got lost in East LA ...scary)

(X) Travelled by motorcycle

(X) Been horseback riding (I am actually scared of riding horses)

( ) Ridden on a San Francisco cable car

(X) Been to Disneyland OR Disney World (Both! I went to disneyland about every year growing up and we had passes to Disney World when we lived there ... man I miss that!!!!!)

(X) Truly believe in the power of prayer

( ) Been in a rain forest

( ) Seen whales in the ocean (I have been whale watching sooo many times and have actually never seen a whale. Lots of dolphins and seals in my life, but no whale)

( ) Been to Niagra Falls

(X) Ridden on an elephant

( ) Swam with dolphins

(X) Been to the Olympics (the only good part about one of my former relationships)

( ) Walked on the Great Wall of China (I want to visit the wall someday, but I HAVE been to China ... so that is a start)

( ) Saw and heard a glacier calf (not yet, but hopefully when Justin takes me to Argentina)

( ) Been spinnaker flying

(X) Been water-skiing (I got up my first time! I LOVE water-skiing)

(X) Been snow-skiing

( ) Been to Westminster Abbey

( ) Been to the Louvre

( ) Swam in the Mediterranean

(X) Been to a Major League Baseball game (San Diego Padres!)

(X) Been to a National Football League game (I played in the San Diego Chargers game ... oh yeah, we beat the Raiders!)

( ) Swam with sharks

( ) Been White Water Rafting

( ) Written a book or screen play

Thats it for now ... can't wait to hear what some of you want to do.


motherofangels said...

I liked reading that! We have a lot of common interests! We need to travel together! BTW I am pretty sure you don't take care of homeless people at the hospital!! :) Love ya

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Thanks, I changed it ... I totally thought that I erased that. :-)

Lynn said...

You have led a very exciting and fulfilling life already and you are still SO young!

The Boring Family said...

About the beverage coming out the does happen and it hurts!!! I can't remember when, but I know I've laughed so hard that my drink came out my nose. I don't recommend it!

Melanie said...

Beverage through your nose is so not a myth. I have done it much more often than I would have liked to. (It stings)


Da Costa said...

Very cool! Maybe I'll write one! Oh, and the beverage through the nose is totally not a myth. Happened to me, with Sprite I might add. It seriously burned! :0)
Miss ya!

Grandpa said...

You will just have to come out to West Coast to see the Whales.

Hope you saw the movie The Bucket List. It was a hoot!!

Sarah said...

Was swimming with the manatees in there? That was amazing.