Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alycia's wedding

So on August 11, 2009 my little sister Alycia got married in the San Diego temple. It was a beautiful and weird experience for me. I have now had two brothers get married, but I have never had a sister get married before and it is very different, but really cool.

The long and the short of it is that I couldn't be happier for her! I love her to death and I am so glad that she found Trevor. It was super stressful for me, if you remember we were in the middle of our revocation period, and I left my 4 day old baby!!! I am really glad that I was able to be there even if it was a quick trip, it was worth it!

I have been waiting to do this post till I had pictures to post. I have a couple snap shots of it, but because I was in the wedding, and chasing a 2 year old in a wheel chair I have no really good shots. Instead of posting one of my pictures I am posting the LINK to a short version of her wedding video! Please watch it!!!!!!!!!!! Alycia is gorgeous and Evan is adorable!



Dorienne said...

Such a beautiful video. I wish I had something like that to take me back to when I was married. Your family is beautiful.

Christy said...

That was amazing! Your sister looks beautiful... and you're right, Evan is adorable!

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

:) I am happy you were able to come as well since it was a crazy time in your life. I swear I didn't plan it that way! haha. I LOVE YOU, and I should be getting the wedding pics back soon which im sure will have tons of Evan since they just adored him. I'll let you know asap. LOVE YOU!

Teresa said...

Wow! Incredible wedding! Its definitely up there with your and Justin's amazing wedding!

Lindsay said...

That was an amazing wedding video. She looked amazing and the shots of Evan were so cute.