Sunday, September 20, 2009


Evan-ism "hecoco" (helicopter)

Landon laughed today, briefly, but a definate laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin and I are now the Central Alberta Chairs for "Families Supporting Adoption". We are really excited about our new position and we had a really long national training today. What a fantastic day talking all about adoption and the life of miracles that we lead. (there were many tears!) There is no other way to describe the life we lead. We indeed live a life full of miracles.

Our "prayer trading" with our birth parents has been an incredible experience. We LOVE our tummy mommy's and tummy daddy! There is no way in the world to describe just how much we LOVE them.

How lucky are we?


Lynn said...

That is awesome! Adoption is huge in my family too. I have 3 adopted siblings. A nephew who is adopted by one of my adopted brothers. 1 cousin who was placed...and now found us again and is loved by all, as we get to know her. And our daughter and son -in-law who may adopt someday if it all works out for them.

You are truly blessed. And your children are truly blessed by you. : D

Michelle said...

So lucky! Your boys are so wonderful. They are so lucky too!

Lisa L said...

So what exactly does that mean that you are "chairs?" What exactly will you be doing?

Lisa L said...

P.S I forgot to ask what is "prayer trading?"

Alicia said...

Kira and Justin, I just love to read your blog. You make me smile each time, you are so full of life, so happy, no trial gets you down you just find the good in it and keep going. You are both such geniune and loving people. Kira you are amaze me. Your love and dedication to people, the love you have for your beautiful children and family. You are PERFECT for this postion in life. I miss you .

Stephanie Pitman said...

I have been wanting to check out your blog for about a year now. I really enjoyed seeing you and Evan in Canada last year. I have just spent the last hour looking at your mom's, Alycia's and now yours blogs. (Is that grammatically correct?) Anyway. LOVE YA!! It is trully wonderful that the special spirits sent to this earth are able to find families to love them through adoption. You and Justin are amazing wonderful parents and I can see your children are loved by their glowing smiling faces.

Lindsay said...

Kira, I love the new foot picture. I've been wanting to do that with my family for a while.
That's so awesome that you guys can have a part in helping others who have or want to adopt. Your boys are so sweet and definitely little miracles. Speaking of which, we have a gift for your latest little miracle. We'll have to have you over soon

Heidi said...

I love your attitude. You, Justin and Evan are an inspiration to me. I'm sure Landon will be too.