Monday, September 14, 2009


I just wanted to record some of the cute things that Evan is saying now. As I have said before Evan is very articulate but there are some things that are adorable! So here goes for some of the "Evan Lingo":

nu nack- fruit snack
nu nu- noodle
out-a-gans- backyardigans
gook- good
go gerk- yogurt
soward- sword
seweeoh- cereal
ow wide- outside
hip hop patanamus- hippopotamus (his favorite animal right now)

"Mama, say arrgh!" (said along with the pirate hook for his hand)
"Mama, you ok?"
"Love me?"
Evan always sleeps "gook" and dreams about "rawrs" (sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes red)

Another cute thing he is doing ... he asks to give "Wandon" a kiss!


CJB said...

How sweet! I can totally picture him saying every word. You definitely have the cutest first born :)

Lisa L said...


Carla McDaniel said...

I spent a bit of time talking with Evan on Sunday after Sacrament meeting. He is sooooo cute!!!! He said my it :)