Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday fun

The day before my birthday my sweet husband took me out to a really yummy Indian place. My in-laws came into town and watched our boys for us. What a treat it was to go out with my hubby.

On my actual birthday Justin had me come and meet him for lunch and we went to a breakfast place called Cora's. How fun was that! They even made me this bird and sang to me.

Justin came home with this beautiful edible arrangement and a gorgeous bouquet of roses (which he knows that I love). I don't know how I didn't manage to get a picture of the roses, but they were just lovely! My other set of in-laws have always had flowers delivered to me on my birthday when we lived away, so imagine my surprise when I got a bouquet of my favorite flowers delivered from them here. They are beautiful.
Next we ate cupcakes! This has got to be my favorite picture of Evan ... ever!!!

My sweet friend Becka took me out to sushi on my birthday. The place that we went to ROCKED! How do I even describe how much fun Kinjo is! The owner kept walking by telling me how beautiful I am and got the entire staff to surround me and sing 3 different songs to me, all while he waved my arms in the air! He was sooo fun! Thank you Becka!

The next night a bunch of my really good girl friends all treated me to dinner at the Keg. It was just so much fun to be out with my women and eat, talk, and laugh. Ladies, thank you for helping to make my birthday week! Love you! (by the time I remembered to bring out my camera, most of the girls had gone. Oh well)

Justin, thank you for everything you do for me. You made my birthday so special! I love you!


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Teresa said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome way to celebrate!

Lisa L said...

So many celebrations - WOW!!! You are one lucky girl. That apple bird is cool and I LOVE Evan's cupcake face. :) P.S. I also think I will now call Kathy "Taffy" I love it!!