Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My weekend without a spouse

Justin had a mancation with his friend Matt. He flew to Texas for the BYU game. He and Matt had so much fun doing all sorts of crazy stuff together. My weekend without Justin was a very full weekend with my boys. We went to the zoo with Kathy and her kids, we went to church all by ourselves, and we spent Labor Day at my in-laws ranch.

I was so impressed with Evan at the zoo. We took his chair and that means that he (a 2 year old) is being asked to be aware and listen to and follow directions the whole time. We got to the zoo at 11:00 and we left at 2:30. It was only towards the end (maybe 40 minutes) that he stopped listening whole heartedly. I really think he just started to get tired (he fell asleep in the car). I was so much fun with our friends in Evans language, Taffy, Lyla, and Tommy. Thanks guys

yep ... I am indeed holding elephant poop!

I am surprised I made it to church! My alarm never went off, I loaded Evan's chair into the truck, got both boys dressed, and fed and made it before the opening song was over. Of course the Laxatives that we are now giving Evan started to work in the middle of church on the day that I was spouseless. His nursery leader opens up the door with a deer in the headlights look on her face. Evan literally had poop from his bum up to the top of his neck!! He finished up church in his tie, diaper, socks and shoes. GROSSSSS!!

Hanging out and hiking with family this weekend was so much fun and it is amazing to watch Evan operate his chair when he has space to roam and explore. I just watch him and cry with joy!!

I am soooo happy to have Justin back!!! So much easier with him around! :-)


Teresa said...

You made it! That is a huge accomplishment! Evan is such a sweetie. Hopefully Justin will share some of his experience at the BYU game as well b/c I am sure that was incredible.

Lynn said...

LOL! Pictures of poop and talk of poop.......sounds like a craZy weekend. LOL!

I think I like that church outfit! That is one cutie pie who carries that look well. : D

Fred ... said...

I love watching Evan in that chair. I'll bet he had a ball motoring around the zoo. I like Evan's Sunday outfit.

Michelle said...

You are such an amazing mom!

btw, I love your family feet picture! So cute!

Lisa L said...

The poop story made me laugh and I think it's funny he went through church in a diaper, tie & his shoes. We've had some good blowouts in the past but none up to the neck only the middle of the back. I love to watch Evan in his chair also but when he gets tired he is like a drunk driver and should not be driving :)

Lisa L said...

P.S. I bet Justin and Matt went nuts during that game! It was an amazing upset and win.