Sunday, January 29, 2012

another outing

Oh how I love going home!  Our family took a day trip to the point Loma light house, Cabrillo monument , and the tide pools.  It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun.

These two family pictures make me laugh.  For my regular blog readers (all 18 of you) lets play a game.  Lets see how long it takes you to figure out why these pictures make me laugh and tell me in your comments how long it took for you to realize.

Our walk up to the light house was clear and sunny and bright and then this heavy heavy fog rolled in.  It was crazy and I wish I could show you how thick and fast moving this fog was.  The fog is actually the culprit for Justin's flight adventure home, but that story is coming.
There was this ledge that you couldn't see anything down because of the fog.  I think it made for a really cool picture.  What wasn't cool was when I hadn't really gotten close yet to see that there was actually ground off of the wall and Justin and Trevor made it seem like Justin accidentally pushed Trevor off the cliff.  Gave me and the poor stranger down the road a heart attack.

I'm a klutz .... Sarah's worse.  No wonder we were the two that crashed our heads together for no good reason.

Sorry the picture is dark.  I am tired and don't feel like adjusting the color.
I think our boys were tired ... what do you think?

love this picture of my sister and her hubby
 Some of the adults were down on a rock looking at some wildlife.  They got nailed by a wave!!!  This water is not warm and they really got it.  Everyone survived ... except Sarah's phone.  Poor girl.
 probably one of my favorite pictures EVER!!!!
 I think it was later that night that we went to the temple as a family.  AWESOME!!!

( and the funny think about that picture is the RANDOM man who jumped in.  I love it because it is totally something that Justin would do and Justin responded by putting his arm around the guy!  LOVE IT!!!)


Peter and Mandy said...

Hey wait, you didn't give me a chance to say that there was a stranger in the second picture...I caught it before I read about it.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am happy to have taken one of your favorite pictures ever!