Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve

Shopping at Costco and then to the Muppet movie.  Now the boys will randomly spit out ... 
"Mom, am I a man?  No I'm not a Muppet."

 Every Christmas Eve our family has a talent show.  Ben made his home made tacos ... yum yum yum!!!!

Ben's beautiful helper Sharley
 With my boys being the only children in the house everyone jumped onto their love of swords.
 Nobody is spared from the danger that the sword can impose

 Evan was so excited to perform his talents ....
 He wanted to show everyone that he could defeat me.

 .... and to drink milk like a cat.
 Daddy did push-ups with the kids.

... and Landon sang "Red Solo Cup!!!"  It is so CUTE when he does this.

 Then came the time to open the Christmas Eve presents.  Evan was really REALLY excited until ...
 .... he got the present open.  Evan's fit lasted a long time.

 So Trevor decided that he would join in when he got pants from Alycia.
 Evan finally calmed down when he realized that Santa wouldn't come the next morning if he continued.

and then we played Telestrations all night long!!!!!  This is Justin's drawing of ....
(I will reveal the answer in my next post)


Tessa @ Lighting the World on Fire said...

I'm glad to see that you're back! It was so wonderful to see you. See you this summer!

Lisa said...

What a great evening! I can't believe I can't remember what that drawing was of....and he laughed at mine!!

motherofangels said...

I honestly tried to figure out what that drawing is, but I give up! Justin shouldn't be an artist!

Erin said...


Peter and Mandy said...

Um alien foot, monster foot?