Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Balloon Parade

All through high school my sister volunteered with an organization that helps people with special needs play sports.  Every year they march in the holiday bowl parade and this year they invited Evan to march with Auntie Sarah.  I was nervous about how he would react because sometimes he gets really shy and floppy.  I walked him to Auntie Sarah and gave her and her boyfriend the low down on how to manage him if he turned into that.  

I had no need to fear.  Our baby was a natural schmoozing the crowd!!!  He took his job very seriously and wouldn't even stop to high-five us because he was smiling and waving.  He did grant us a larger smile once he made eye contact with us.  

Justin and I of course started bawling after he passed!  We were so proud!!!!

We found Captain Jack!!  Too bad Evan wasn't brave enough to actually look his idol in the face.  I think he was just too overcome at seeing his idol in the flesh!!!


such a GREAT kid!!!!!

Evan at his very favorite Mormon Battalian Center, or as Evan calls it
the Mormian Italian!!

go Justin go!


Fred ... said...

Evan is a natural, just like his mother. How does that go? Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, touch the pearls and blow a kiss.

Lisa said...

He was darling! It was so fun to see him in the parade. I loved it!

Tessa @ Lighting the World on Fire said...

http://mermag.blogspot.com/2010/02/arrrr-you-ready-for-some.html These made me think of your little ones!