Sunday, October 5, 2008

Calgary Temple

As many of you know from yesterdays General Conference the church is going to be building a temple in Calgary!!!  We are soo excited for this announcement.  Even though Florida's temple is not too far away, we always found it harder to go, because it was definitely a day trip.  Once we had a baby, it got even harder.  Then we moved here and the temple is even farther away, and gas is so expensive.  We have wanted to be more diligent in our temple attendance and now it is going to be so much easier.  We are so blessed to benefit from this announcement.  

It is funny though.  In August 3 general authorities came to Calgary.  President Eyring, Elder Holland, and Elder Anderson.  Everyone was expecting major changes to be made, but they said they had just come to send the prophets love.  Now we know it was probably also to buy land. 

I tried to upload this picture of Evan earlier in the week, and it never worked, so here it is now. My in-laws got baby chicks last week, and they are the cutest things ever!!!  I love animals, and we just thought that this picture of Evan was too cute not to share.  He was a little afraid of the chicks at first (we put him in the pen with corn on his lap and he was bombarded by hungry birds) but soon thought they were pretty cute.  Poor guy has had a rough week of dealing with his vaccinations.  He seems to be on the mend though, which makes mama very happy.     


Peter and Mandy said...

So cute, looks like Evan is about to kiss the chick. Hey don't you have a picture of you kissing a frog? Guess it runs in the family :)

Lynn said...

There was screaming and cheers in this house when it was announced! LOL!

Michelle said...

Yea!!!! We immediately thought of you when we heard this announcement! So exciting!

Evan is as cute as ever! Love the picture of him with the chick.

Lowdogg said...

Cool news. Temple going in Rome too!
I like the 3rd photo by the way.

Lisa L said...

Very cool news about the Temple. I LOVE the picture of Evan and the baby chick!!!

merrilykaroly said...

What an adorable picture!